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The Moon in the Signs

When the Moon visits Aries, ♈️

it’s time for a more daring and pioneering you! Out with the old, in with the new! When the Moon transits Aries, we all get an energy boost that pushes towards our more spontaneous, and enthusiastic selves. A Moon in Aries brings our desire for fresh starts back to surface. Aries is all about that “me, myself and I” life. Taking a stand, especially for yourself, your opinions and wishes, feels easier and more natural now. Excess energy is best channeled into physical activity: think running, biking, swimming, or dancing. Gut instincts and impulses feel stronger: pay attention to unnecessary risks or confrontations, hot temper, and lack of sleep. Try Lavender tea (for lack of sleep and the sudden inability to “sit still” some might feel during these nights).

Song: I Want It All - Queen

When the Moon visits Taurus, ♉️

our sexier and raunchier selves come to surface. Taurus is the sign of pleasure, sensuality, and luxury. These are the perfect nights for long bubblebaths, love-making, dates, and indulgence: think candles, champagne with strawberries, online-shopping, massages, masturbation, and rose scents. The Moon in Taurus also favors finances and abundance: these days are good for applying for a loan and new acquisitions. Careful with over- indulgence, indigestion, and procrastination.

Song: Glamorous - Fergie

When the Moon visits Gemini, ♊️

information and messages tend to crowd our lives. Gemini babes are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and Messenger of the Gods. When the Moon transits the twins sign, it’s the perfect time for learning new things, starting a new book, writing letters, running errands, taking short trips, and making connections: think LinkedIn-type of connections. Gemini is super social, expressive, and has lots of mental energy: so a Zoom parties, journaling sessions, or watching TED talks are also benefited under this energy. Careful with gossip, distraction, and being a little too invasive with your questions.

Song: Savage - Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé

When the Moon visits Cancer, ♋️

we feel the need to take care of ourselves and others. Pay attention to your home and self-care routines, Cancer is the sign of nurturing, home-affairs, and generosity. When the Moon is in her sign, take long chamomile baths (Cancer’s guardian herb), homemade cucumber face masks, watermelon smoothies (Cancer’s favorite fruits), manicures and pedicures, charity, donating clothes/toys to those in need, or making random generosity acts for random people you might not even know. Our emotions will most likely feel stronger and more intense given Cancer’s water nature, so watch out for moodiness and oversensitivity. Use these strong emotions in your benefit: vulnerability is the crab’s #1 strength. Feel intentionally everything and everyone around you. Let the emotions guide your path. Song: All Is Full of Love - Björk

When the Moon visits Leo, ♌️

you want to go big or go home, rawr! Our emotions feel more intense and a more fiery, more daring, and expressive, (and sometimes dramatic) side of us comes to light. Think She Wolf, but with a lioness instead. We suddenly can’t do anything small. The Lion makes us crave for affection. We long for fireworks and music. We want to have fun, we want to go out and be seen. It’s the perfect time for romance: old flames tend to rekindle with more ease during these nights. We feel more positive, optimistic and energetic. This is also an ideal time to get in touch with our artistic and more creative self: think theatre, cinema, and galleries, taking acting or painting lessons, starting art projects: you get the idea. Listen to your inner-more- generous child. Think collectively: shine bright, and help others see their own shine as well. Watch out for hysteria, ego trips and overdoing things.

Song: Let’s Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez

When the Moon visits Virgo, ♍️

we clean our bodies, minds, and personal spaces. Virgo rules human and animal health, so you can schedule your medical check-ups, spa treatment for you (or your furry kids), start new (healthy) habits, fast, detox, declutter, clean, organize. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo renews your mental energy. Coming up with solutions is easier. New strategies, perspective, and solutions start top pop-up and your can work with a clearer mind. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems and achievements, not from relationships. Work hard, you’ll be able to play harder later.

Song: Formation - Beyoncé

When the Moon visits Libra, ♎️

we are more social and more aware of the way we act, talk, dress, look, and that of those around us. Libra is the most popular sign of the Zodiac. Sorry, haters! The magnetic, elegant, and attention-loving air-sign wants you to be your most fabulous self. Libras love balance, order, beauty, arts, and etiquette. Everyone wants to either be or be with Libras. If the Moon enters this sign during a weekend, a crazy night is most likely awaiting you. Libra, ruled by Venus, is also a lover of sensuality, beauty, and pleasure. Shopping for new home decor or clothes, visiting art museums, joining a book club, signing/dropping documents, and sending thank you (or love) notes are all encouraged. Watch out for overindulgence, chaos, and alienation.

Song: When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls

When the Moon visits Scorpio, ♏️

we embrace your shadows, our darkness, and our witch-selves. Scorpio is all about that spiritual life, intimate connections, shadows, and renewal. Think of any New Moon in Scorpio as a mini eclipse: perfect for decluttering and letting go of crap you no longer need. We get easily annoyed by bullshit and superficiality, as we are actively seeking for what’s real and makes us feel alive. You want to be careful with paranoia and overthinking, and jealousy, which may arise. This is the perfect time to be a little (or a lot) more freaky and playful in bed, hold deep and intimate conversations with those we love, honest self-examination, witchcraft, seances , and divination practices. Avoid manipulative tactics, obsessing, and suspiciousness. Mantra: Mother’s Daughter - Miley Cyrus

When the Moon visits Sagittarius, ♐️

we crave adrenaline, new stimulating experiences, visiting new places, meeting new people, and being free. The colorful, adventurous, and optimistic Centaur wants you to stop taking life so damn seriously and leave your damn comfort zone (His words, not ours!). There are no fences that can hold us in and no limit to how high we can fly. Work, responsibilities, and day-to-day duties suddenly feel extremely mundane and boring. If you've been longing for a drastic new look or idea, this is the time you've been waiting for. It's time to be spontaneous, visit those restaurants and bars you usually wouldn't visit, expressing your truths openly and freely, and literally doing anything that may satisfy your curiosity. This is not a time for big-decision making, legal matters, or money investment. Sagittarius is the jet-setter of the Zodiac: think spontaneous vacations, staycations, new restaurants, new drastic looks, hanging out with new people (not just your besties), buying smaller (or bigger) clothes. Careful with recklessness and chaos!

Song: Like I Do - Christina Aguilera

When the Moon visits Capricorn, ♑️

we revisit old goals, resolutions, longterm plans, and strategic finances. Capricorn has a similar vibe to Virgo’s, except he's more focused on finances and the big picture. Capricorns are known to be ambitious and big-accomplishers: this is the energy that invades us when the Moon visits the goatfish! Set big, ambitious, challenging intentions. Determination will always outlast competition. Like the mountain goat on her way to the summit, take one hoof-step at a time for Rome wasn't built in one day, yet she was built to last forever. Not even sky’s the limit for you when Capri is by your side: dream big, win big.

Song: Started - Iggy Azalea

When the Moon visits Aquarius, ♒️

you want to feel included and be part of something bigger, leave your mark, work on your legacy. Humanitarian, ahead-of- their-time, and justice-seeking Aquarius cares for the collective, for the wellbeing of humanity, and social justice. In similar fashion to Capricorn, Aquarius sees the big picture. The world needs rebels, outcasts, and weirdos: for them are the ones who challenge the norm and create change, revolution and progress. Exciting, unconventional and unexpected experiences happen more organically around this time of the month. This is the time for the collective, for greater causes, for debates, for networking, for exploring new ideas, beliefs, and cultures.

Song: Believer - Goldfrapp

When the Moon visits Pisces, ♓️

we surrender and swim with the current, not against it. Like a fish in the sea, Pisces’ wants us to drown in the water realm: the realm of emotions, of what’s hidden underneath the surface. Confusion may arise and nothing might seem to be what it once was anymore. Intuition is key around this time of the month, let you gut guide thee. Retreat may be necessary as reality can seem too harsh right now. Our guises are bombing us with messages and downloads. Try journaling, keeping track of your dreams, and avoid alcohol (and any control substance) around this time. Pisces is also a great time for romance, as emotions flow more easily while compassion and empathy fly freely in the cosmos. Careful with losing touch with reality.

Song: Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

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