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Journal Prompts for a New Moon

Journaling during a new moon cycle can be a powerful tool for setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves you, and cultivating a sense of inner awareness and growth. Use these prompts to dive deep into your inner world and gain insight into the areas of your life that are calling for attention and transformation.

Here are some journal prompts to consider utilising for this New Moon cycle:

  1. What new beginnings do I want to manifest in my life this lunar cycle?

  2. What intentions am I setting for this new moon cycle?

  3. What are the areas of my life that need release and letting go in order to move forward?

  4. What limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns am I ready to release?

  5. What new habits or routines do I want to incorporate into my life this cycle?

  6. What aspects of myself do I want to cultivate and grow this lunar cycle?

  7. What is my current relationship with abundance, and how can I shift it to a more positive and prosperous mindset?

  8. What role does self-care play in my life, and how can I prioritize it during this new moon cycle?

  9. What challenges or obstacles am I currently facing, and how can I approach them with a new perspective?

  10. What actions can I take to support my personal and spiritual growth during this lunar cycle?

  11. What relationships in my life need attention or nourishment during this new moon cycle?

  12. What is my current relationship with creativity, and how can I honor and express it during this cycle?



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