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Prism + Fleur

Meet Paige.

She has been passionate about all things ancient, intuitive and ethereal for as long as she can remember. 


Through her life, uncovering deeper understanding of self and following the subtle trail of insight passed on from the aether and ancestors has led to the development of the densely symbolic and multi-dimensional aesthetic of her creative work...It is a direct reflection of her internal world, expressed through high vibration visuals that transport the viewer, and invoke feelings of tranquility and euphoria.


Uniting her love for design, ancient culture & divination, Paige founded Prism + Fleur Studio as a way to embody and give form to these visions from the aether with others who share her passions. This connection to source and one another as a community is an important part of every creation that emerges from the Studio.


Since establishing Prism + Fleur in 2014 Paige has had the pleasure of expanding into many realms of design work, collaborating with an array of unique businesses and individuals to actualise their creative visions and expand the horizons of possibility.

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