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Prism + Fleur

Hi, I'm Paige

I have been inexplicably drawn to all things ancient, intuitive and ethereal for as long as I can remember. 

My life has been a pilgrimage to uncover deeper understanding of myself and the collective, and in turn transmute these discoveries into visual medicine, tracing the subtle threads of insight passed down from the cosmos and my ancestors. This exploration has led to the development of the densely symbolic and multi-dimensional aesthetic of my creative work...It is a direct reflection of my internal world, a portal between realms - the tangible and ethereal.


I always greatly desired to unite my passions of the spiritual kind with my love and skill for design, so I founded Prism + Fleur Studio as a way to embody this and give form to my visions from the aether, as well as offer my creativity to those who need an intentional artist/guide to assist in connecting them visually with their own concepts!


Since establishing Prism + Fleur in 2014 I have been led on a journey through an array of ventures, independently publishing my own collection of works, as well as being invited to publish with international houses, and collaborating with a variety of unique businesses and individuals to actualise their creative visions and expand the horizons of possibility. My scope of creativity and offerings has expanded exponentially during this time and I am always excited to explore new opportunities!

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