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Spiritual Guidance Spread

The Spiritual Guidance spread is used situationally during times when you are faced with obstacles or challenges of a spiritual nature, usually related to your own growth or development. This spread is designed to give you a broader perspective, and includes information to help you along your spiritual path and important life lessons.

1. Your primary concern, question, or issue.

2. Interprets your motivation for your quest for guidance.

3. Identifies the areas in your life you are anxious or disheartened about.

4. Signifies the events in your current situation that you are unaware of.

5. This is your advice card. It will provide you knowledge on what you should do or not do to overcome your apprehensions.

6. This card will tell you the best way to proceed from your worries and what you should do to keep moving.

7. This card tells you how to move forward with a positive light.

8. Finally, this card wraps up the possible results you will get if you are able to follow the guide light successfully.



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