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The Significance of Numerology in Tarot - sacred numbers

Every Tarot card holds a number, and each of these numbers carries profound meaning and significance. The intricate relationship between Tarot and numerology is especially beneficial for beginners, as it provides a structured framework for interpretation. While it may initially seem daunting to incorporate numbers into your readings, there are simple and accessible ways to start harnessing their power as your allies.

Numbers have been an integral part of divination since time immemorial. Cultures as diverse as the Greeks, Hebrews, and Chaldeans subscribed to the practice of Arithmomancy, a precursor to modern numerology. In the Tarot, numbers play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and adding depth to the symbolism of each card.

1 to 10 in the Tarot

1: New beginnings - Sparks - Decisions

The number 1 is the harbinger of fresh starts and new beginnings. In Tarot, Aces embody the pure essence of their respective suits. For instance, the Ace of Wands radiates masculine energy and signifies the initiation of action. It speaks of career advancements, the courage to make crucial decisions, and the spark that ignites significant life changes. When the number 1 appears in a reading, it calls for embracing opportunities and taking that first bold step toward transformation.

2: Partnership - Collaboration - Opposition - Duplicity

Twos introduce a sense of duality, highlighting the importance of balance and choice. They signify partnerships and relationships where two sides must be considered. The number 2 prompts you to examine the dynamics at play, whether they involve cooperation, opposition, or the need for careful judgment. When interpreting twos, always look to surrounding cards to discern whether the partnership is harmonious or contentious.

3: Growth - Dynamism - Decisions - Change

Threes denote dynamic energy and specific actions that lead to growth. While the changes they bring may not always be comfortable, they are invariably transformative. The number 3 urges you to make choices and embrace the evolution of circumstances. It embodies the essence of both challenge and opportunity, reminding you that change is an inherent part of life's journey.

4: Stability - Structure - Standstill

Fours symbolize stability, structure, and a sense of order. They often indicate a solid foundation upon which to build. However, the downside of fours can lean toward monotony or feeling stuck. The interpretation of a four is greatly influenced by the context of the reading and the cards surrounding it. When this number appears, consider whether it signifies a reassuring stability or the need for a fresh perspective.

5: Conflict - Damages - The Unknown - Struggles

Fives represent the complexities of human existence, highlighting imperfections and the challenges we face. They signify conflicts, damages, and the unknown territories we encounter. Fives are not inherently negative; instead, they bring to light the struggles we must confront for personal growth. When this number appears, be prepared for both difficulties and opportunities for transformation.

6: Routine - Precariousness - Blockages

Traditionally linked to the Devil card, sixes suggest a delicate balance that can easily tip. They often indicate routines and situations that may not be sustainable in the long run. When drawn in reverse, sixes may hint at the need for change to avoid stagnation. The number 6 underscores the importance of maintaining equilibrium while navigating life's challenges.

7: Completion - Knowledge - Understanding - Solutions

Sevens are regarded as perfect numbers in many cultures, symbolizing completeness and inner understanding. They mark the culmination of a journey, signifying the attainment of goals or resolutions. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, sevens prompt you to reflect on the wisdom gained from the experience. They encourage you to seek solutions and appreciate the holistic view of your path.

8: Action - Movement - Transformation - Justice

Eights are dynamic numbers that provide essential insights into actions and transformations. Their meaning is not fixed but influenced by the cards surrounding them. Eights prompt you to consider the consequences of your choices and actions. They offer glimpses into justice and outcomes, reminding you of the interconnectedness of events on your life's journey.

9: Profusion - Climax - Accomplishment

Nines represent the climax of a situation, where extremes are possible. This number can signify isolation or profound love, highlighting the intensity of emotions and experiences. Nines emphasize the core symbolism of their respective suits while leaving room for change and the possibility of new beginnings.

10: Endings - Closure - Exit

Similar to Aces, tens hold immense power. They mark the conclusion of a cycle and bring closure to chapters in our lives. The number 10 signifies the consequences of your journey, whether they are positive or negative. Tens prompt you to reflect on the lessons learned and prepare for the next phase of your path.

And what about beyond the 10's?

Beyond the 10s in the Major Arcana, the numbers continue to hold significance, and their meanings become more layered and nuanced. When interpreting these higher numbers, it's essential to consider both their individual qualities and the combined energies they represent.

Let's explore this concept further using the Star card (number 17) as an example:

  1. Individual Meanings:

    • 1 (Renewal): The number 1 signifies new beginnings, fresh starts, and the initiation of a journey. In the context of the Star card, it implies a sense of renewal and the opportunity to embark on a new path with hope and optimism.

    • 7 (Attainment or Perfection): The number 7 represents attainment, spiritual growth, and a sense of completeness. It suggests that you have reached a significant point in your spiritual journey, and you may have achieved a sense of perfection or fulfillment in your pursuits.

  2. Combined Energies:

    • 1 + 7 = 8 (Transformation): When you add the individual numbers 1 and 7 together, you get the number 8. In the case of the Star card, this combination signifies transformation. It implies that through the process of renewal (1) and attainment (7), you are undergoing a profound transformation. You are evolving and experiencing a powerful shift in your life, leading to personal growth and positive change.



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