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Tarot Spread for a Reality Check

Not for the faint of heart…if you’re in a slump, if you feel like you’re having deja-vu in the same situation, if you cannot for the life of you cheer up…here’s some much needed tough love...

Accurate AF Tarot cards are all abut illumination, if you’re ready to get to the centre of your issue, take some responsibility and move on up - here’s your spread….

(Can be used with tarot and or oracle cards)


Card 1: Your mood, this is a look in the mirror at present, how you are projecting your energy.

Card 2: Your intentions, where your true heart lies, this may need extra research and feeling into as often the symbolism present in tarot cards runs deep.

Card 3: Something that you are personally doing which is hindering ANY progress.

Card 4: A suggestion as to where your path leads if you carry on this way, repeating the same behaviours and seeking the things you are right now.

Card 5: This is the card that shows you an exit point for the energy you are harbouring.

Card 6: Somewhat of a wildcard - a sneak peek into the future - if you follow the cards advice, this card may show your next challenge, it may show an outcome, it may show you someone who can assist you, it may show you how you will feel after you’ve accomplished your metaphorical shedding.

Spread features the Accurate AF Tarot Deck, available Here


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