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New Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

The new moon is a time of cleansing and of growth; it is an invitation to make a change and foster part of yourself that is missing. Just as the new moon is in line with the sun so that you cannot see it, this is the time to put your trust into the universe that things are there and if you are open to them, they will reveal themselves even if you cannot see them at this moment.

1. Where am I at presently?

2. What baggage am I bringing into this new moon cycle and how is it weighing me down or keeping me back?

3. What are my personal drawbacks, what am I lacking and what do I need in my life in order to grow?

4. What knowledge do I need in order to help create the change I'm seeking?

5. What positivity is to come when the moon makes the transitions to its fullest phase?

Spread features the Accurate AF Tarot Deck, available Here



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