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How to Clear Energy from Tarot Cards

Cleansing your Tarot cards upon first use and every now and then thereafter is important for maintaining a positive energy in your Tarot readings and connecting with your Tarot deck.

There are lots of ways to cleanse a deck, you don't need to do every single one of these things, you can pick the ones that feel most effective for you.

The Cleansing Shuffle. Shuffle with the mere intention of clearing the energy of your tarot cards. Shuffle them over and over again, until your intuition tells you that your cards are clear. You can even envision light flowing into the tarot cards while negative energy flows away from them if you like.

The Layout Simply place all of the cards right sized up so that there aren’t any upside down cards in the deck. Once all of the tarot cards are right side up, let the cards rest for a few hours. Our cards work with a lot of energy and they need moments of rest and recuperation too.

Smudging/Cleansing Fire lights and keeps the the smudge stick or incense burning. It has long been associated with purging and purification rituals, and is the only element that can transform one thing into another.

Sunlight This method is perfect for those moments when it feels as if your readings are mostly negative. True, this could have something to do with the people you are reading for, but it can also be because of the negative energy trapped or held inside of your cards.

Place a clear quartz on your deck and place it in an area where it will receive plenty of sunlight. The clear quartz magnifies the positive energy of the sun and allows your tarot cards to absorb it. This will help the cards to be more gentle, kind and positive in delivering their messages.

Moonlight If your readings have been off or inaccurate, than try this method. Place a clear quartz on top of your deck, and place it in an area where it will receive the light of the moon. A full moon is best, but you can do this during any stage of the moon. The moon is closely associated with magic, mysteries and intuition. Placing the clear quartz on your tarot or oracle deck will allow it to soak up the energy of the moon and will help your cards to be more accurate during your readings.

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Oct 15, 2021

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