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Full Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

For the most powerful reading, try this spread at night during the full moon, when the influence of the moon is at its greatest.

Focus deeply as you shuffle the cards, and pay attention to your intuition as you lay them out. After all, the full moon is a time of heightened intuition.

You may feel compelled to choose the “wrong” card - one from the center or the bottom of the deck, for instance - for a particular position. Or you may intuitively feel that you should put two cards in the same position.

Pay attention to these intuitive messages and do what you feel is right. Read the cards one at a time, in the order you laid them out, and pay close attention to the relationships between them.

1. This represents the point you are at in your life right now.

2. This represents both how you present yourself to the world - your public face - and the true nature of your relationships with others.

3. This clarifies what may be blocking you from your goals, or stopping you from manifesting your intentions.

4. This card helps you understand what you need to do in order to overcome these obstacles.

5. This card addresses your internal landscape. It highlights problem areas which you may need to work on before your goal can be achieved.

6. This card suggests what lessons you might learn from the outside world and from other people in order to create the outcome you want.

7. This card, of course, represents the probable outcome if you dig deeply and follow the guidance presented by the other cards.

Spread features the Accurate AF Tarot Deck, available Here



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