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Free Your Mind Tarot/Oracle Spread

As you draw cards for each position, contemplate the messages they convey. Allow the symbolism and energies to speak to your intuition and inner wisdom. This "Free Your Mind" spread is a gentle exploration of self-awareness and self-empowerment, helping you uncover the keys to liberation and soulful alignment.

Card 1: What is currently holding me in place/stagnation?

This card sheds light on the factors or patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck or stagnant in your current situation. It reveals the underlying energies or beliefs that may be influencing your mindset and preventing progress.

Card 2: Why is this happening?

Explore the deeper reasons or insights behind the challenges you're facing. This card provides a broader perspective on the circumstances and the lessons they hold for your growth and evolution.

Card 3: What can free me from this place?

This card offers guidance on the actions or mindset shifts that can liberate you from the current state of stagnation. It points towards opportunities and pathways to break free and embrace positive change.

Card 4: What will help expand my mind?

This card illuminates the influences or experiences that can open your mind to new perspectives and growth. It encourages you to explore fresh ideas, knowledge, or opportunities for personal expansion.

Card 5: What can I release/incorporate to find more harmony?

Discover what you can let go of or embrace to find greater harmony within yourself and your surroundings. This card encourages you to make conscious choices that promote balance and well-being.

Card 6: How can I honor my soul's truth?

This card gently guides you on how to connect with your authentic self and honor the wisdom within. It offers insights on aligning your actions and choices with your soul's deepest desires and values.



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