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Astrological Tarot Spread

In this spread, each card is read individually, there is no connection between them. The number on each card represents an astrological house and should be read with the corresponding strengths and weaknesses of each house in mind.

you don't need to ask questions for this spread, the cards will show you about yourself without them.

1. Self

2. Aries - current mood

3. Taurus - finances

4. Gemini - travel and communication

5. Cancer - home, parents, children and extended family

6. Leo - pleasure, hobbies and creative pursuits

7. Virgo - health & suggestions about self care will show up here

8. Libra - partnerships, a new love will show here

9. Scorpio - transition and change, the way you handle it

10. Sagittarius - education, goals and expansion, long distance travel possibilities

11. Capricorn - career and status

12. Aquarius - friendship and community

13. Pisces - burden, opposition and fears

Spread features the Accurate AF Tarot Deck, available Here



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