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22.2.22 Paradigm Shift - 22 feb 2022

This is the end of a 2 frequency sequence that started back in 2000, with other key years of 2002, 2020 and 2022. We won’t see this sequence again until 2/2/2222 - but what is the significance, anyway?

The key lessons when dealing with the number 2 are generally centered around unification and harmony.

The resonance of 2 is keenly aware of the values of cooperation and working together. It is diplomatic in its dealings, because to be anything else would create imbalance. Even when up against contrasting energies, this number sees how the differences can join together to create something complete and well-rounded.

The number 2 has an influence that can go almost undetected, subtleness is its power - working gently behind the scenes: no one sees it happening, but the results are undeniable. It does not have to push or use force with others because its incredible abilities of compassion and cooperation influence them to follow its guidance.

When the number 2 is in a sequence such as 22.2.22 - these lessons are energy charged - and can be marked as a pivotal point. Perhaps a doorway to a new understanding of these themes. There is a stronger pull towards seeking balance, finding harmony, within and without…

This date also signals a cosmic rebirth. The Pluto return for the United States - this is a rare event, only occurs approximately every 250 years…so (likely) no human will ever experience a Pluto return, a civilisation however - will.

This planet influences karmic cycles, and with a country such as the USA - who has so much history - both negative and positive, this point in time signifies a metamorphosis….a change in power, a revolution.

It is no coincidence that the lead up to this power date has held such globally impactful circumstances.

The 2nd card in the tarot is the High Priestess.

Undoubtedly the most intuitive of all the Tarot cards. Like the 2 her power is great, but quiet.

She holds a frequency of feminine/masculine divinity, an equal balance, perfect duality.

Her sacred knowledge is both explicit and implicit - you can only see it when you’re ready to look beyond the material realm, this is a theme constantly shown to us over the past not only 2 years but beyond - we are in a time of transition, where values are being questioned. We are becoming *aware* of the realms which exist aside from our tangible reality.


Find opportunities to offer support and compassion within your partnerships and to the collective.

Instead of trying to control the narrative, look for potential and possibilities.

Where you feel resistance to change - consider what is your own narrative and what has been instilled in you by others...



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