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Gnosis :: an Esoteric Reference Library

Gnosis is defined as 'knowledge of Spiritual mysteries'

This is a curated archive of information which I return to frequently in my own learning and research - it is updated regularly - I invite you to share in this resource with me.


  1. Tarot :: Thoth/Hermetic & Rider Waite Smith

  2. Symbolism

  3. Lenormand

  4. Elian Script

  5. Hermetic Philosophy

  6. Ancient Civilisations & Cultures

  7. Egypt

  8. Mesopotamia :: Sumer - Babylon - Assyria

  9. India

  10. Scotland :: Caledonia

  11. Lemuria/Mu

Tarot :: Thoth/Hermetic & Rider Waite Smith

Thoth Tarot Card Meanings - Comprehensive Major and Minor Arcana (Thoth Readings)

Tarot Meanings - Thoth Hermetic Correspondences (Tarr Daniel)

Vast Archive of many Tarot Principles and references (Raven's Tarot)

Tarot & the Kabbalah

Tarot & the Tree of Life

Teach Me Tarot - Major Arcana

Teach Me Tarot - Minor Arcana

Teach Me Tarot - Court Cards

Tarot Heaven - a Vast Array of Tarot Information

Tarot Teachings - Card Meanings, Numbers, Spreads etc.

Tarot Tools - 78 Major and Minor Card Meanings and Correspondences

Tarot - Affirmations, Numerology, Elements



Glossary of Symbols across many Principles (Qui Absurdium)



Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations (Labyrinthos)


Elian Script

The Elian Script - By CC Elian


Hermetic Philosophy

The Four Classic Elements and their Qualities (Qui Absurdium)


Ancient Civilisations & Cultures


Ancient Egyptian Amulet Symbols & their Meanings

Mesopotamia :: Sumer - Babylon - Assyria


Rukma Vimāna - Ancient Indian Engineered Flight

Scotland :: Caledonia

The Picts of Scotland - Isle of Skye


Telos - a Portal on Mt Shasta - Connected with Lemuria/Mu

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