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A Guide to Goddess Oracle Cards

What are Goddess oracle cards?

Goddess Oracle cards like Terra Qi are based upon ancient feminine divinities and the wisdom they have to share with us.

These cards focus on goddesses from ancient mythology and the religious and spiritual beliefs of ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Aztec, Buddhist, Celtic, Greek, Hindu, Pagan to name a few, but these decks are not limited to these cultures and often include many more, this is their beauty...The diversity and universal wisdom which can be found amongst the cards of a Goddess Oracle is mesmerising.

Each card will represent the energy of the Goddess and her main lessons or messages, with this information you are encouraged to reflect, embody or embrace your own potential to activate these divine qualities within yourself.

When should you use Goddess oracle cards?

Using a goddess oracle deck is helpful in many different situations.

The most common way to use a goddess deck is for a single daily card pull, this process is effective to set an intention for your day through gaining insight from the message of whichever goddess shows up for you.

Goddess oracle cards are generally supportive and provide guidance through self reflection and targeted keywords which related to different areas of life such as, Transformation, Inner Knowing, Self Acceptance, Mindfulness etc. when using these cards it is helpful to tune into yourself and allow your intuition to receive the messages of the Goddess, don't just solely rely on intellect for this type of guidance.

If you’re frustrated, upset, or desperate, you should first focus on grounding your energy before reaching for your cards. Try to connect with nature to redirect your energy inward instead of seeking answers outward through formats like oracle or tarot readings.

What is the difference between Goddess oracle cards and Tarot cards?

Almost all tarot decks you use will have a standard 78 cards which include Major Arcana (which is the story of 'The fools Journey') and Minor Arcana, which covers more day-to-day experiences.

each card has a specific meaning that translates the same across every tarot deck, the only thing which typically varies is the imagery of the cards themselves, which accommodates personal preference and aesthetic.

Oracle decks typically don't follow this structured setup. They range in how many cards they have, anywhere from 20-80 and beyond, and in the case of Goddess oracle cards, they have a specific theme which each card follows. Each message in the Goddess oracle will be unique to that deck itself.

Are you ready to align with the spirit of the goddess?
To reconnect with the sacred energies of the divine feminine?

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