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An oracle to attune with ancient symbolism
The inherent and universal language of our collective.

Since ancient times, symbols, signs and omens have permeated our existence, when we bring ourselves into alignment with the art of noticing them, insight is revealed, fragmented knowledge is refined.

The spectacular and mysterious ways of the subtle symbol are endlessly offering their wisdom.

release update: July 2024

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an ancient symbolism oracle


50 Card deck

Unique oval shaped cards with golden highlights, cards measure 8cm x 13cm, packaged in a 2 piece keepsake box


Card List

This deck is a curation of an array of symbols, including celestial bodies, animal archetypes, elements of nature and sacred geometry. Full card list: New Moon Equal Cross Shen Ring Pyramid Full Moon Smoke Mirror Scorpion Lion Ankh Spiral Orobouros Horseshoe Dice Shooting star Butterfly Scarab Vessel Rose Knot Flame Spider Feather Jaguar Cave Coins Crown Owl Scales Heart Flower of Life Key Lotus Eye of Horus Yin Yang Triskele Water Sun Music Ears Horns Column Hands Serpent Labyrinth Wings Sword Archway Feline Rainbow


150+ Page Guidebook

Insightful and informative with historical details about each symbol as well as oracular messages


Cultural Diversity

Each card features a symbol rooted in traditions from an array of ancient cultures, chosen for their powerful meanings and their ability to activate understanding through simple visuals.

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