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STARSIGNS: Fixed Signs - Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio

PLANET: Saturn

CRYSTALS: Lapis Lazuli - Jet




Freedom - Leadership - Completion - Travel - Growth - Success - Splendour

Simplicity - Clarity - Rejoicing - Fulfilment

The World tarot card is a symbol that represents all that we can accomplish on our path through life. It tells of perfection, beauty, success, abundance and public recognition as well as telling of accomplishments and of reaching the height of your potential and goals. 


It is indicative of growing maturity, a sense of inner balance and deeper understanding. It suggests that you may be approaching a more final sense of identity, and the security in the self that comes with age. It also represents the falling away of boundaries, sometimes in the effusive sense of the spiritual, but sometimes in a purely physical sense, indicating travels or journeys in the future.

All the efforts that you have been putting in place are starting to pay off. It reflects that you have completed a major milestone in your life and you have built the resilience to withstand challenges. The World may indicate completion of a long-term project, study or any other major event in your life. It may also mean the birth of a child, marriage, graduation or any other thing that you have accomplished.

The World card shows that you have a desire to give back to the community in various ways. You have a commitment to make the world a better place because you understand that everything is connected. 

The World relates to the number 33, which is the Master Number of healing energies. The Master Number 33 brings in enormous amounts of unconditional love and the higher energies of creativity. The Master Healer must serve humanity as it is the reason for incarnation.



Laziness - Lacking in goals - Lack of will - Frustration - Inertia - Permanence


The World, when it appears reversed, indicates a refusal to explore new avenues...This will not help you attain success. Stagnation may have set in due to fear. You are inclined to resist change, so therefore, you are stuck in the present, unsatisfactory situation. 

If you find that you're stuck in a circle of frustration and boredom, then a new approach is needed to break free of the cycle. Re-assess your situation and accept other fresh ideas as well as your own.