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STARSIGNS: Capricorn - Scorpio


CRYSTALS: Lodestone - Volcanic Rocks - Hematite

PREDICTION SPEED: Fast / short-term



Disruption - Upheaval - Catastrophe - Divine intervention - Reversal of fortune

The Tower, when used for predictions, announces drastic changes. For better or for worse, everything will change, even if just one aspect of your life is directly affected by it. 

In association with Aries, which states, ‘I seek myself’, The Tower represents the individual ego and carries the vibrations of insecurity, brashness, rashness and high-powered energy. The Tower tells of a crisis that may free one from their ego.
The kind of event that the Tower card marks does not have to be something terrible, like a disaster or a great loss.  Change itself is a normal part of life that one has to embrace. But it can sometimes strike fear, for it means that we must abandon the truths that we have known prior to this event. The old ways are no longer useful, and you must find another set of beliefs, values and processes to take their place.


Changes - Salvation - Blessing in disguise - Warning - Disaster avoided

When you get the Tower card reversed, you can most likely feel a crisis looming on the horizon, and you are resisting as much as you can to try and avoid its manifestation. What you may not have realised is that these breakdowns can be beneficial in restructuring your reliance on something that is false. The tower is built on faulty foundations, and it must fall. Though the destruction will be painful, the humbleness resulting from it can bring us peace.

What you relied on will no longer be there for you. Do not take this as a drastic and depressing change, it is time for you to become more self-reliant.