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CRYSTALS: Citrine - Pyrite


YES/NO: Yes!!


Wholeness - Success - Attainment - Contentment - Opportunities - Acceptance - Optimism

Ambition - Stability - Positive outcomes

The Sun card presents an feeling of optimism and fulfillment. This card represents the dawn which follows the darkest of nights. The Sun is the source of all the life on our planet, and it represents life energy itself. The Sun indicates that new ventures will be prosperous. It is a most auspicious time to begin something new.

The card shows that you have a significant sense of deserved confidence right now. Life is currently particularly good, and the sun is shining your way as you reach the goals that you set. The Sun is one of the cards in the tarot which provide nothing but good feelings and fulfillment. 


The Sun is the number 19, which is a karmic number. 19 is an endurance vibration which brings everything into focus, and represents the finishing off of projects commenced in past lifetimes. It is the winding up of the old to start anew. The energy of the number 1 is one of new beginnings, and initiating the new. The number 9 tells of conclusions and endings. The Sun, in relation to the number 19 tells of bringing all energies into line to enable one to begin projects and conclude them successfully.


Impatience - Boisterousness - Vanity - Arrogance - False appearances - Uncertainty


In the reversed position, the Sun indicates that you might have significant difficulties finding positive aspects to certain situations. The clouds might be blocking out the warmth and light that you need to progress. This might be preventing you from feeling confident and powerful. You may experience certain setbacks which are damaging your optimism and enthusiasm. 

On the other hand, the Sun reversed might be indicative that you are being unrealistic. It might be a sign that you have an overly optimistic perception of certain situations. These are things that you need to take into account in order to ensure that you are on the right track and your successes continue as they do.