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STARSIGN/S: Gemini - Virgo

PLANET: Mercury

CRYSTALS: Agate - Quartz




Manifestation – Focused Will – Skill – Diplomacy – Self Confidence – Ideas

The Magician  is the bridge between the worlds of spirit and humanity, the act of taking the power of the universe and channelling it to be utilised on the human plane.

When this card appears – you are at a time in your life when creative power is strong, and you have all the key components to bring your manifested desires into existence…whether they be spiritual (fire) physical (earth) mental (air) or emotional (water) your ability to consciously create your reality is innate and you have the confidence to follow through on the creative endeavours of your mind!

Another aspect to the Magician card is concentration and effort – you must use all available resources, including those of the mind and spirit, and commit to focusing them towards the one goal that is highlighted for you now…with persistence, you can tune out the distractions of the world and become one with your process – which no doubt will turn into flourishing successes in various areas of your life!


Lost ambition – illusions – trickery – incompetency – Poor Communication

When appearing reversed the magician indicates the use of manipulation to fulfil ones selfish desires, whether this is yourself abusing power or there may be a situation that you need to look deeper into in order to avoid being involved with those interested in using deceit and trickery to gain the upper hand over others.

If you are not applying yourself, you will not achieve anything positive until you commit to changing your attitude, in the same vein, if you do not have faith in yourself, how do you ever expect to produce fantastic work? You must let go of past ideas and perceptions in order not to stagnate. Try looking at yourself through the eyes of someone who admires you – they are not tainted by your negativity or self-doubt…act as if they are watching you.