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PLANET: Mercury

CRYSTALS: Alexandrite - Rose Quartz


YES/NO: duality, could be either


Decisions to be made - Trust - Alliance - Purpose

The Lovers symbolises important decisions being taken regarding relationship and matters of love. Often one would transit into a new phase of life. It suggests every decision should be taken carefully as there’ll be lasting results.

Primarily, an upright lovers card represents attraction and stability in a relationship. Together they can overcome every obstacle in life. The foundation of their relationship is rock-solid and both the partners pin trust in each other. This alliance is quite intimate indicating compatibility, passion and intensity.

As well as being the card of partners, the Lovers represents a strong self-belief and establishment of collective life goals. It is a sign that you have figured out the priorities in your life. Soon you might find yourself at a personal crossroads or moral dilemma. It is crucial you take any decision only after considering all the possible consequences. No need to get stiff, all you have to do is just reflect on your inner voice.


Conflicts - Uncertainty - Inconsistency - Hostility - Agitation

A reverse Lovers Tarot indicates you are running from the responsibilities of your own actions. The rushed decisions you landed upon out of material desires and momentary gratification are getting back at you with severe consequences. Also, there is an imbalance in your relationship and the feelings between you and your partner is not mutual. You are eager to open about your feelings but hold back because you feel it might not end well. A reverse Lovers suggests you try to maintain balance and harmony in your relationship.