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STARSIGN: Sagittarius

PLANET: Jupiter 

CRYSTALS: Turquoise - Lapis Lazuli


YES/NO: Neutral


Morality – Advice – Learning – Structure – Wisdom

The Hierophant represents all forms of guidance where the person giving advice is in a position of authority….also symbolic of foundations and wisdom.

This card suggests that you have a desire to stay within conventional bounds rather than come up with innovative approaches – which is totally fine, this may not be the time to challenge the status quo…if this is your circumstance then surround yourself with those who you admire and find enriching. Don’t be afraid to ask advice of those who have more life experience, they will take pleasure in helping you expand and grow!


Rebellion – Originality – Innovation – Ideas – Breaking Free

When drawn reversed the Hierophant can become a LOT more rebellious and feels the need to break free of constraining belief systems and structures. If you have been feeling stifled by the conformity you’re experiencing – this is your sign to start making changes to free yourself from this situation!

You are not afraid of being original or undertaking new adventures, in fact your free spirit craves this…so be assured that some more refreshing energies are on the way.

One point to be aware of when drawing this card reversed is that the best advice for yourself is your own advice – when others offer to to guide you at this stage their attempts can be awfully unreliable or totally inappropriate for the circumstances, a little intuition and a lot of reason is required here, you must be the authority of your own decisions. And as well as not taking advice, try not to give any out in the same way…you will no doubt find that it comes back to be blamed on you if any situation goes awry!