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PLANET: Neptune

CRYSTAL: Aquamarine

PREDICTION SPEED: mid-term (5-6 months and long lasting effects)

YES/NO: Maybe 


Letting go - Sacrifice - Spiritual independence, - Crossroads - Meditation - Reflection

The Message of The Hanged One is ‘when life seems at a standstill, review the past and look to the future’. You must let go and surrender to experience. Sacrifices can be made for one’s own wishes, for the sake of community or for mankind at large; but whatever the sacrifice may be, it will consist of voluntarily giving something up for something which is of greater value to the person, cause or country. 

The Hanged One represents self-sacrifice and dedication to a cause, and often these virtues are ridiculed and criticized by others who cannot see the end purpose.

Although it could indicate having to give something up in order to gain a fresh perspective, it has neither positive or negative connotations.



Dissatisfaction - Delusions - Trials - Selfishness - Lack of effort - Lack of compromise

The Hanged One appearing reversed in a spread tells that you may find it difficult to progress at this time as you may be acting stubbornly and not compromising. This behaviour could result in losses, perhaps even loss of friendship.

May also tells of self-sacrifice that brings little or no reward and thereby feelings of being (or even playing) the ‘victim’. Fear and anxiety caused by your own stubbornness is also indicated.
Another factor may be arrogance and a preoccupation with the ego, and material matters.
In a negative setting the symbolism suggests manipulation, passivity, useless sacrifice, and apathy.