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STARSIGN/S: Scorpio 

PLANET: Uranus

CRYSTALS: Herkimer Diamond - Tourmaline - Turquoise

PREDICTION SPEED: Short Term (a week, days)



Fresh Start – Innocence – Faith – Choices to be Made - Spontaneity

The Fool is the ultimate indicator of beginning a new journey of self-knowledge.

You are divinely guided and the universe is always there to support you, be open to all possibilities, you have more potential than can be measured and at the end of the day you have ultimate power in your life – all is available to you if you are willing and aware enough to receive it.

The influence here can also be an energetic shift which will assist in removing old habits and ties which have been holding you back – it is time to make a big decision and go down a new path that is filled with more wonder, more positivity and more faith…rather than carry on the path you have already chosen and are not fulfilled by!

The ruling planet of the Fool is Uranus, who is often referred to as “The Great Awakener” take these revelations in stride and make your choices based on your core desires...

Where does your intuition want to lead you?


Insecurity -  Folly – Carelessness – Recklessness - Irresponsible

Irrational impulses, foolishness, and poor judgment are some of the negative aspects of this card when reversed, you need to consider the consequences of your actions.

Are you focused too often on the opinions and judgements of other when making your decisions? If this sounds like a habit you have gotten yourself into - you must strengthen your own resolve – there is no room for indecision and insecurity, if you want to find joy and success in life, you must leave behind your doubts – for they will kill more dreams than you know…

Remember – choosing the road that so many others have gone down may be detrimental, even if it looks easier, you could be costing yourself valuable experience – all at your own expense.