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STARSIGN/S: Virgo - Libra


CRYSTAL: Rose Quartz

PREDICTION SPEED: Short/Mid Term (a few weeks to a couple of months)



Nurturing - Harmony - Fertility - Love - Growth

The Empress encourages you to strengthen your connections with the natural world. Through simplicity and connection with the Earth we can gain true abundance.

The card can suggest material reward, but only with the deeper understanding that riches go arm in arm with a generous and open spirit. 

So much of The Empress card revolves around not realizing the effect you have on others as your pursuits of pleasure take you out of the daily struggle just enough to lose touch with how the world conducts itself.


Dependence - Smothering - Emotionally Drained - Controlling

The reverse of this card is indicative of losing one's identity - and this may lead to smothering those around you, causing discomfort & heightening emotional discord.

You are not in control of other peoples lives - as much as you may believe you know best, you must allow others to live their lives & make their mistakes.

Quite possibly you could feel neglected by those close to you, this isn't always the case, and if it is - remember that perception varies between people, your idea of neglectful behaviour might not be the same as the next persons...maybe it's time to find a new group of people who share your interests and make you feel welcome, this will help to counteract any bitterness when an apparent lack of attention/affection arises.