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STARSIGN: Capricorn

PLANET: Saturn

CRYSTALS: Obsidian - Apache Tears

PREDICTION SPEED: Mid-term (effects over several months)



Discontent - Resentment - Self-indulgence - Compulsions - Temptations - Repression

Getting the Shadow card in your reading shows that you have feelings of entrapment, emptiness and lack of fulfilment in your life. It might also mean that you are a slave to materialism and opulence and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake off the feeling of wanting to indulge in luxurious living. 
You might be aware that this kind of lifestyle is leading you down the rabbit hole, but you have that feeling of not having any form of control over your actions or urges.

On an inner level, The Shadow is a symbol of the side of ourselves or our psyche which contains all the aspects of our personality that we like the least and would rather not know about - our 'shadow-side'. We would prefer to be able to hide our shadow-side for fear of being shunned by others. Acknowledging and accepting the darker side within us can help to channel the energies that the Shadow card represents.

The Shadow is ruled by Saturn (the Teacher) and relates to Capricorn. In its relation to Saturn it tells of the principles of truth and wisdom. It is important to learn to look at the limitations in life, and work with them responsively until your lesson is learned.



Physical strength - Instinct - Charisma - Magnetism - Relief - Mysterious forces

Just like the Tower or the Hanged Man, the Shadow's negative meanings are lessened when drawn reversed.

The upside down meaning of the Shadow card can be the moment when an individual becomes self-aware and breaks all of the chains that come with addiction and poor habits. It might be because they are tired of running in circles and are in need of change. 
But one thing is usually clear – breaking off these chains, especially those of addiction is never easy. So, one has to be prepared to make the necessary changes that might initially seem painful to make the adjustments that will pay off in the end by being able to find your true self again. 
Self-assessment is called for in this case and the individual needs to take some time and list all of the things that they need to get rid of. And once that has been done, and then it would be time for them to embark on the difficult journey of self-improvement.