Oasis is a glimpse into realms where conscious and subconscious collide, a glistening pool awaits you...Step through the veil. Let your opposition melt away. Become immersed. 


The gates to a soul, to the imagination, to the place where your most beautiful memories reside. These gates are within every one of us. And there is a multiverse of portals all leading & interweaving into the depths and highest peaks of our individual journey archives.


This print is artisan crafted, encased in a custom procured rattan frame.

Printed on 300GSM satin matte paper to capture every little detail, and sealed with a felt backing to protect walls when leaning/hanging.


All materials used are acid free.

Each piece of this print is hand assembled with love in Australia by us! 

Every print is marked with an authenticator & signature on reverse, ensuring their uniqueness.

  • each frame is unique due to their nature, approx dimensions are 20cm wide x 30cm high x 2cm thick

  • All products are listed in USD




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