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After its first release in September last year, Accurate AF Tarot has undergone some serious growth + evolution and now with majorly refreshed digital illustrations & a whole host of upgrades, but allthe same attitude, This lil honey is back for round 2!!


Pre - Order the Accurate AF Tarot 2.0 release for your store at wholesale cost.


Please be aware that a business number is required to order wholesale, proof of either a physical store or an online store (not including Etsy or other 3rd party site) must be shown.


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(exact dates will be released once production Is complete)


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    • 78 Cards
    • 350gsm art paper
    • 10cm Round Shape
    • Velvet Matte Finish
    • Gold Foil Detail
    • Matte Gold Gilding
    • 2 Piece Velvet Matte box with Gold detailing


    INSTEAD of a book - the deck will be accompanied by a constantly updated and evolving site!! the Accurate AF Tarot website will help you decode your spreads when you receive your deck!! If you have no clue what Tarot is then you'll find so much value in this - it has everything you need to know!! Read the age old story behind what tarot actually is, look at example reading spreads and follow them to read for yourself or your friends, read about each individual card and its meaning alone and in relation to other cards its placed with in a reading...plus more! come check it out! 

    For those who would still like a hard copy available for offline learning/readings you can download a PDF version here.

    These cards being circular adds another level of uniqueness...they're not the usual rectangle tarot variety - roundness to me means fluidity and cycle, the nature of these cards is intended to be gentle and uplifting (but don't be fooled cause hard/sassy truth is still in store) Here's a little article about how to read circle cardssince they're out of the ordinary...