Virgo ♍︎ Full Moon - Feb 2021

Full Moon at 08° Virgo

Feb 27 – 12:17 AM (LA) 3:17 AM (NYC) 8:17 AM (LON)

Feb 28 – 7:17 PM (SYD)

You can read all about the basics of Full Moons here.

Every Month, the Sun and the Moon find themselves 180 degrees away from each other (exactly on opposite zodiac poles) creating a Full Moon. The Sun is in Pisces from February 18 to March 20 this year, therefore, this Full Moon falls in Virgo (Pisces' opposite pole).

While New Moons represent new beginnings, Full Moons represent culmination, peaks, and fulfillment. As the Moon gets filled with light, so do our energetic bodies. And that energy influx needs to be acknowledged (and transformed). With New Moons, we make a pause to see where we are at and where we want to go; with Full Moons, we make a pause to see what are ready to let go and release, what we no longer want to carry with us, and what we've grown tired of. The Universe is always ready to send blessings, magic, synchronicities, and miracles your way, but you need to make room for all of it. That's what Full Moons are all about: releasing negative/low-vibrational energy making room for higher vibrations.

Full Moons illuminate the shadow side of the zodiac pairs. Pisces' sabotaging shadow is devolution into victimization, addiction, fantasy, and codependence. The spiritual potential of Pisces is a personal, devotional experience, of the presence of the Divine within ourselves, in everyone and everywhere. The illusion of separation is dispelled, and the unity and interconnectedness of all existence becomes a living reality. In this state of Divine awareness, true compassion is possible. Unconscious Virgo, on the other hand, gets trapped in pettiness, self-criticism, mental torment, manipulation, and martyrdom. Through discernment, purification, and selfless-service, Virgo prepares her physical form and mind to embody the presence of the Divine. At every Full Moon we feel pushed and pulled in opposite directions, until we integrate the two energies and achieve a synthesis. Virgo/Earth and Pisces/the Water of Spirit are perhaps the most difficult energies to integrate. The trick, of course, is that we need to be available to experience higher energies. We need to take care of our bodies so that they can hold higher frequencies. Listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs. It may need more rest, quiet meditation or relaxing activity in nature. Allow yourself to be receptive without expectations.

Our task is to discover how the energies of the two signs balance and support each other. Our challenge is to experience synergy instead of confrontation. Our goal is to appreciate the strengths and integrate the messages of the two complementary signs.

When we look at Pisces and Virgo, we find that they really do need each other. Pisces' dream world relaxes us after a busy day at work. The fishes' connection with the Infinite is a welcome relief from the practical world of everyday chores. Off it its own world, Pisces gets lost in fantasies, succumbs to addictions to try to escape worldly reality, and indulges in wishful thinking to avoid responsibility. Virgo reminds Pisces of the practical necessities of the physical world. Virgo suggests getting a job, or offering a remunerated service to pay the rent and buy food. Virgo can get lost and depressed in the trenches. Pisces is always available to remind this worker bee that the Divine is everywhere, and lives in the heart of every living being. Virgo is ready to remind Pisces that service to humanity can ground him, so that he can be productive and functional on the Earth plane. Pisces allows the space to do nothing so we can open up to guidance on what to do. Virgo connects us with the Earth, so we can do what it takes to bring our good ideas into manifestation.

Virgo brings our attention to the details of daily living on Planet Earth. She has the capacity to focus on what is important, that is if she doesn't use her discriminating abilities to knit pick herself into neuroses. Virgo symbolizes the human quest for wholeness and personal integration. As the sixth of the twelve signs, Virgo is the last sign focusing strictly on personal development. Virgo is our launching pad into the world of relationships, community and other worlds. Depicted by the Virgin, Virgo originally symbolized an independent, unmarried woman who had found her satisfaction and completeness within herself. Not necessarily chaste, however in no way dependent upon or subservient to men. In ancient times, Vestal Virgins initiated men into sexual mysteries and served as healers for men returning from war. Virgo's talent of discernment, helps us determine what is essential and relevant, and what is superfluous and a waste of time. Recognizing the body as a temple of the soul, the earthly Virgo teaches us the art of being fully present to the human journey of our soul.

This Full Moon helps us et in touch with both the spiritual potential and the sabotaging traps, that get in the way of the highest expression of Virgo and Pisces.

Full Moon Harvest:

The Full phase of the Moon is associated with harvest, celebration, and gratitude. Full Moons are your cue to cash in anything you began six months prior with the New Moon in the same sign. Go back to the September 17th New Moon in Virgo. What were your goals, dreams, and intentions six months ago? What worked? What have you been able to manifest? What have you learned since then? How have you improved? Acknowledge your progress and celebrate! Reward yourself with your favorite dessert, your favorite wine, a long bubbles bath. Or why not all of them? Give thanks to the Universe, your guides, and your ancestors for all the existing blessings, gifts, wisdom and experiences in your life. Make a list of all the things you have manifested so far: recognize how abundant and lucky you are, baby! If you set new goals with the New Moon from two weeks ago, you may only see small changes, but the power of gratitude combined with the Full Moon will supercharge your manifestation energy.

Go to 08° Virgo in your Chart:

Generate your birth chart here and take a look at your houses: go to 08° Virgo on your chart. This is where the Full Moon happens and your House (or life area) where she will shed her light strongly. Pay close attention and journal the events, themes, and unexpected situations surrounding you around these days.

Full Moon blessings to you, baby!

See you on the other side.

Only Ever Love,

Miguel Allma




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