The Significance of a Full Moon

Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.

The energy of a Full Moon brings with it amplified emotions and mental processes

The opposition of the Sun and Moon can cause tension & uncomfortable friction, but at the same time acts as a cosmic spotlight - highlighting greater vision & potential

possibilities. This is a time of culmination which began 6 months ago at the

corresponding New Moon. What have you been building toward since then? What kind of progression have you noticed or experienced?

Everything comes out into the open in the light of the Full Moon - including the parts of human nature known as the “shadow.”

Our Moon & the Sun emanate frequencies and these energy waves influence Earth’s tides and the water within our bodies – arousing our emotions, behaviours and our consciousness.

The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

The MOON represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.




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