Tarot With Character - The reason for the Name...

Here's a little insight behind the name ‘Accurate AF Tarot’

Bringing these cards from the dark ages into a modern setting as an easy to understand practice has to be done with charm - or by throwing around underlying profanity - whatever.

If you've had any kind of divinatory reading before - chances are you were completely awed by even the smallest pieces of information that were passed on to you....HOW did they know that you'd been planning a certain career move but had told no one?! HOW did they predict that the perfect soul friend was going to come into your life just at the right time?!

I’m sure you’d agree that your reaction was priceless...you probably murmured something along the lines of 'wtf how is this so accurate?' *wide eyes*

The name Accurate AF is meant to ruffle a few feathers - catch a few eyes - make a bit of an impact - make you air laugh through your nose when you see it.

We take ourselves so seriously sometimes! This deck doesn't.

So long story short - that’s how Accurate AF Tarot morphed into its sassy self.

Enjoy loves





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