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Happy Full Moon, everyone!

This Full Moon feels intense, and there is a rush of energy. Take things in stride and don’t be afraid explore the shadows in life. It is in the shadows that we find our true power.

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Taurus Season is known for its fresh, lush landscape, perfect for creating a foundation for growth and abundance. However, below the earth lies a slow-burning fire at the core that can’t be ignored. This is the Scorpio Full Moon. There is a connection between Taurus and Scorpio that is often overlooked; they are polarities. Where Taurus can be fixated and stable, Scorpio brings in a sense of change and clears out the old to make way for the new. We can’t have one without the other, for release sets the stage for what’s to come.

This Full Moon in particular is one that brings sweeping transformations, whether or not you are ready. Here, the focus lies in our understandings of security, intimacy, sexuality, and emotional reciprocity. Uranus will be in a hard angle to this Full Moon, pushing us to seek liberation and change from the inside out. It will be coaxing the Scorpion from its lair and forcing up its defenses. Even with the unruly energy from Uranus and the Moon (which is in its Fall), there is a stellium in Taurus that is working to keep us grounded. The Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Lilith are all congregating to supply us with solid footing as we feel we are being flipped around.

However, be careful of getting too restrictive as Saturn comes in to square this stellium, making our foundations feel weaker than we had originally anticipated. Luckily, Mars, the leader of this Full Moon, will be supportive. It will be in nurturing Cancer. Although this is a depressed placement for Mars, it can remind us that our energy lies in our ability to live confidently in our vulnerabilities. This message is reinforced with the Scorpion need to expose our fears and break down the phobias that keep us from fully unearthing our potential.

This Full Moon will make us dig in our gardens, even if fresh flowers are blooming – because we know that the further we go, the more room the roots have to grow. Transformation occurs when we embrace the power within and take control of every facet of our being – no matter how shadowed, how deep, or how misunderstood. Let go, to grow. Release to Rise. The Phoenix has been awakened. If you have any personal planets in your chart at 3º to 11º, you will feel the effects of this New Moon the most. Especially those with strong Fixed placements. So, let’s break this down by sign!

Note: Mars will be considered the ruler of this Full Moon. It is in its Fall, or the lowest position. So, motivations may not be as forthright or we make lack initiative. We must feel nourished by an experience and safe before we can take a leap.


Aries we enter this Full Moon focused on all that lie beneath the surface. Because Scorpio impacts your 8th House, you will be turning your attention to the very energies in which it embodies: personal intimacy, cultivating deep relationships, shared resources and even your own healing. This Full Moon can signal a time to embrace and confront the shadows in ourselves, while releasing and shedding years of uncertainty and pent up pain into the ether. Some of you may be uncovering your own hidden potential and building extremely powerful bonds with those within your inner circle. Mars (your ruler) and Pluto both lead this Full Moon. Mars works with the Sun and Moon, signaling that action is needed into order to move forward. However, we must note that Mars is in Cancer, its Fall, so the action is internalized. You withdraw within yourself to build a home and sanctuary where you can be your most vulnerable self. Mars bridges the gaps between your own values and the values of others. From the push and pull, you find solace in your own internal world. Mercury from your 2nd House will be embracing Lilith and Venus, so your worthiness lies in all that you find pleasure in – even if it seems taboo or unappreciated by others. Mercury and Venus here can signal changes to your income or even finding ways to bring more abundance into your life. However, with the Full Moon in your 8th House, you must balance what is yours and what needs to be shared. Just because we can take, don’t mean it’s entirely meant for us. Your gifts and abilities can benefit others, and through your own healing, you can inspire and guide others to do the same. With Saturn squaring the stellium in Taurus, you may feel limited or restricted by a community or group of people that are not seeing you for whom you are. This is a time to stand your ground. They do not see every facet of your reality, and frankly, it isn’t for them to. Decide where to best focus your energy and eliminate that power struggle from taking hold of you any longer.


We enter a Full Moon that turns its attention toward your relationships and the others in your life. The word “harmony” comes to mind – very Venusian (an energy you know well). However, with this Full Moon in Scorpio, the energy is anything but harmonious. Smoothing things over and being light and airy isn’t an option right now. Scorpio digs and unearths truth, fears and phobias. This may manifest in your one-on-one relationships with others. Are you worried that someone isn’t being forthright? You are encouraged to have those difficult conversations. Alternatively, some of you may decide to take that plunge and commit further and more intimately with someone in your life. You feel intensely for them and want to create a space where you both can come together in a more real way. Mars and Pluto are the leaders of this Full Moon. Mars works well with the Sun in your sign and the Moon from your 3rd House. Your ability to speak and be bold in your communications will be helpful to you now. You have to say and let others know your boundaries and where you stand – what your expectations are and how to find middle ground. Mars gives you the boost you need to cultivate raw honesty but yet still with sensitivity as it falls in Cancer. Mercury will be in your sign, emphasizing this ability to speak from a place of personal conviction and from your heart, especially as it aligns with Venus (your ruler). Your power of attraction is strong, and those around you are seeing you for whom you are in totality. Saturn is sitting at the top of your chart, creating what feels like endless responsibilities at work. Maybe you are doing too much all at once, and now it is taking a toll on you. You have to find that balance. With the Full Moon in your 7th House, you may lose a business partner or someone at work. Overall, use this Full Moon to work through your relationships with those in your life. If some are weak, ties will be broken. If they are strong, you will get closer.


Everyday life is just as magical as anything else. We don’t need intense spiritual experiences to open ourselves up to something life’s beauty. This Full Moon reminds you that even in the mundane, magic thrives and is forever fully alive. No pixie dust, just simply building rituals and routines that create more playtime. Your 6th House is being highlighted, so there is an emphasis on your health, body, boundaries and your everyday life. There needs to be a change to how you approach the simple things. Perhaps you are working too hard or not making enough time for your needs and what nourishes you. If you have been undergoing uncertain health concerns, this Full Moon will push you to dig deep to get to the root of the issue. The cause may be more simple than the solution itself, but you know that discovering what it is will be more helpful for you as you go forward. More than anything, you are seeking more control over your life in general. Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon, along with Pluto. Mars will be in good angle to both the Sun and Moon, boosting you from your 2nd House! If you are looking to make a change at work or to your income, you will find that this Full Moon will help you. However, what really stands in the way doesn't own your actual worth. So, before you accept anything financially, make sure it is worth it for you. You can be picky. Not every opportunity is a good one. Mercury, your ruler, is in the sign just behind yours, working in the 12th House. Your intuition is sharp, keen and adept. You are not only processing, but you’re also integrating. The 12th house is about endings. Under the influence of the Full Moon, you must end in order to begin. This will become more clear to you around the eclipses on May 26th & June 10th. Saturn is in your 9th House creating issues and limiting how much you are listening to your inner compass. Expansion is only found when you let go and don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. Use this Full Moon to return your focus back to your body and nourishing yourself. You don’t have to always be of service to others, when your needs are being unmet.


Tis’ the season to be open, receptive and allow your inner child to come out and play! Since Full Moons always have such an impact on you, this one will have you itching to shine just as brightly as it does. With Scorpio as the sign we experience this Full Moon in, we see that your 5th House is being illuminated. Lean into the pleasure of life and perhaps get intimate with your sense of expression. Focus on how you give and receive love. Stay heart-centered and create from a place that serves you first. Why deny yourself the joys of life? Under this influence we see that the world is what we make of it. You are risk adverse usually, but you are more willing to take a leap in order to try something new now. If you feel creative blocks, this is the time to tear those down, opening yourself up to what unfolds! Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon, working in your sign. You feel inspired, busy and perhaps energized! This red planet is racing through Cancer, pumping the blood in your veins, getting your ready to fight for what you believe in! With Mars in harmonious angle to the Sun and Moon, you can take the lead with others and use your natural abilities to create a community or show up for those in your life who need you. Mars in Cancer is fiercely protective. Tap into this but don’t deflect. This is a good time for conflict resolution and tackling things that you have had on the back burner for quite a while. Mercury is conjunct Venus and Lilith in your 11th House, showing you that you can establish really strong ties with people in your network. Actually, it is your community that is driving you more than anything else. They are the wind in your sails! Saturn, however, is trying to limit you from the 8th House, bringing up past issues or pains centered on intimacy with others. Don’t let the past dictate your future. What you have experienced before isn’t what you will again. You are wiser now and through that, you have learned who you can trust and who you can’t. Use this Full Moon to allow yourself to relax a little and just enjoy what life has to offer. You don’t have to hideaway forever. Now is your opportunity to step outside and soak up that sunshine.


As we withdraw into our own worlds, how can we protect ourselves while honoring our emotions? This may be a question that will come up for you around the Full Moon in Scorpio. Family, roots and your inner well-being become the center of attention, as you are focused on how and where you feel secure. Truly, security is a motivating factor for you with the Full Moon in your 4th House. Emotionally, you can feel a little overwhelmed right now, but you realize that taking a step back can be helpful. Sometimes, as we retreat into our own sanctuaries, we make space for ourselves to comb through the finite details. Some of you may really be putting some emphasis on your home or your family in general. There can be a reconnection of sorts happening – perhaps seeing people who you have not seen in a long time, reconnecting with your roots or even the place you consider to be your home. You could also be reconnecting with your own sensitivities. Ultimately, you are realizing the value of honoring your emotional self. Mars is the leader of this Full Moon, creating harmonious aspects to both the Sun and Moon from your 12th House. This supports this idea of refuge. Oddly, however, it does not mean that you aren’t busy. Actually, it seems you have a lot going on behind the scenes that others may not be aware of. The 12th house represents endings, so you may be tying up loose ends to a very important project or piece of your own life. The Mars transit over the next few weeks will solidify this for you! Mercury will be in your 10th House, along with Venus and Lilith (and Uranus). It seems that you are being noticed in your field for your work and your ability to create strong relationships with others. If you are looking to make a change at work, the Mars energy will boost the planets in your 10th House suggesting you can get your materials and resume together. Saturn will be difficult at this Full Moon, however. It will be fighting the host of planets in your 10th House. Don’t let others become burdens and drain us of our energy. Know when you have taken on too much responsibility and continue to find that balance of work/play. Use this Full Moon to honor your need to rest and retreat. Family is important, even those we choose to make our family.


Our immediate environments can tell us so much about what we need to know in life. What we have learned is that we don’t need to travel far to seek adventure. This Full Moon is reinforcing this idea in your chart by highlighting your 3rd House. Communication, learning and integration are a focus, as you are taking the world around you and sifting through the pieces that you can use in your every day. What you may not realize is that your words hold much more power than they had before. What you think and what you say is thought provoking and exactly what others need to hear. So, don’t keep things to yourself. The more you share, the more others will know. You are a natural teacher and counselor, gifted with an ability to see a problem from every angle while creating the perfect solution. No one can do this quite like you. You are not afraid to confront any information you uncover in this process, because even in the shadow there is always truth. Mars is the leader of this Full Moon pushing you to align yourself with like-minded people and people who can inspire you. You have the opportunity to work toward a future goal without stopping. Now is a time for full steam ahead. Mercury, your ruler, will be conjunct Venus in your 9th House, helping you reach beyond the horizon and see what possibilities lie when you go after what you truly want. You are wise, and you know that you can trust your intuition if you just let go. Saturn will be in your 6th House, trying to limit your perspective and hold you back. This could manifest as a health issue, work problem or even just general fatigue. If it is work, start seeking new paths that don’t squash your creativity. Your dreams matter too. Use this Full Moon to speak your desires and thoughts out into the Universe. Follow that up with action and work with others to push you. There is no need to hold back now.


We enter a phase where your attention is turned toward ownership and what you hold onto. This isn’t always material, in fact, it goes far beyond that. This Full Moon falls in your 2nd House, where our values and self-worth lie. So, what do you truly value in life? Are there outdated beliefs that are holding you back? The Scorpio energy of this Full Moon will be pushing you to dig deep and unearth the things that you no longer align with. Of course, this can manifest materially for you. If you are unhappy at a job or in the ways that you make money, now is the time to shed the fears you have around that. Is the perpetual need to stay where you are driven by security, scarcity or necessity? You may find that money is top of mind, but even more so your relationship with it. You can accumulate more when you let go of the stigma that it is all you need in life to create that safety net for yourself. You realize that people can be just as valuable. The same is true with defining your beliefs and your own sense of self-worth. Mars is the leader of this Full Moon, along with Pluto. Mars is touring your 10th House, so it seems that your career, work or even direction in life is moving quickly. You could feel busy, slightly overwhelmed and trying to balance it all. The nice part is that when you feel motivated by an idea, you have the energy you need to act on it. Just be careful of becoming too self-protective. Mars works well with the Moon and Sun, who is currently in your 8th House. So, some of you may experience a raise or increased responsibility at work. You may even take a leap to try something entirely new in your work sphere. Mercury is hanging out in your 8th House, so there is internal conversation happening, and perhaps even conversation with a partner or close friend. You are processing and healing, actively. Saturn is squaring the stellium in Taurus from your 5th House. You may feel limited in terms of creation, joy and being more heart-centered. The 5th House also relates to children. Maybe a part of your own inner child needs to heal before you can move forward. Use this Full Moon to be more definitive and own your worth and value. You are the creator of your abundance.


A Full Moon that is brilliantly illuminating you from the inside out! Transits like this can feel intense, but recharging, refreshing and transformative. You are being touched by the unending light of the Moon, turning your face out of the darkness and into its warm, radiant glow. This lunation is asking for you to step into yourself, your power. Own all you are, wholly. What do you desire? What do you want out of life? You don’t have to bow down in the face of adversity. Your resilience and ability to overcome is your greatest asset of all. You are in focus more than any other sign. This comes down to what you are wiling to create, do and tolerate. Mars, your traditional ruler, and Pluto are both the leaders of this Full Moon. Mars will be poised in your 9th House, reminding you that the sky is the limit. What you want out of life is never-ending, and the quest is just as important as the goal. You could be seeking to go back to school or really just educate yourself on something new. If you do, it will have a profound impact on your sense of being and identity. Mars works well with the Sun and Moon, giving you a boost of energy as it falls in a fellow Water sign. The Sun is highlighting your partnerships, along with a host of planets in Taurus. Mercury, in particular, joins Lilith and Venus (and Uranus) here, reminding you that communication is a must in your relationships with others. Your words, thoughts and ideas are important to those around you. Share but also allow space for listening. Saturn is creating harsh aspects at this Full Moon to the stellium in Taurus in particular. Saturn is keeping you locked inside a bit, unwilling to emerge from your shell, as it stands in your 4th House. There could be issues in relation to your family or home that can crop up, creating tension for you and even those close to you. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Wait for things to settle. Remember, you can use this Full Moon to let go of anything that stands in your way, but you must be mindful of the consequences. You are in control here, even if you don’t realize it. If the energy is swelling and swirling, let the dust settle before making a decision.


And now, we rest. It seems that an important ending is occurring now, and you need time to process and fully let go. Where you were is no longer where you should be, and you recognize that things are changing soon (and possible fast). You have been hosting eclipses in your sign, and this won’t end until December. However, right now, it is clear that you are in the process of making major moves in life. The Full Moon points to your 12th House. So, you are seeking solitude, to rest and go within your own sacred space. You are honoring your spirit and working behind the scenes to set the stage for what is to come. We are a month away from the next eclipse in your sign, so continue to finish tying loose ends. You are making significant strides. Your intuition is also on fire right now. So, listen to what your gut is telling you. If something must be let go, the time for it is now. Mars is the leader of this Full Moon working quickly from your 8th House. So emotional processing and healing feel like they are something that you are actively working through. It doesn’t fully end here either. Mars will also be pushing you toward getting more intimate with yourself and someone close to you, showing your vulnerabilities and working through it all together. You realize, that you are not fully alone and that what you may have considered to be a shadow, really isn’t as dark as you once thought. It is in this place that we can truly experience growth. As you working through sharing the deeper parts of yourself, even working through debts (financial and otherwise), you are freeing yourself more and more. Mars works well with the Sun in your 6th House. Mercury, Venus, Lilith and Uranus are here too. You could be trying to build and settle into new routines in your life. Because your life has changed so much, you are working on that balance. A health issue could also crop up, especially with Saturn squaring all of this from your 3rd House. So anxiety is what will get the best of you. The inability to speak your needs and nourish yourself will cause more harm than good. Although you feel introspective, don’t let that keep you from sharing your thoughts with others. Use this Full Moon to rest and take time for yourself. You have been through a lot in the last year.


When we feel like the outsider looking in, where do we go? Do we internalize? This Full Moon is asking for you to step out a bit, even out of your comfort zone. The idea of belonging is on the forefront of your mind. The reality is, you do belong somewhere, and you always have. Your 11th House is being illuminated, and there is a sense of community around you – people who have been and constantly want to support you. You are never alone, and you are being shown this time and time again. Even if you back away, the support never goes away. Don’t forget that. You may find that not everyone wants to be your friend, either. That is more than ok. You can shed people from your life that don’t add value, only making more room for those who do. You may also have your mind toward the future. Perhaps your goals don’t need to be achieved alone. Collaboration is key now. Mars is the leader of this Full Moon, racing through your 7th House of partnerships/others. This reinforces that message of collaboration but also togetherness. Significant people in your life are fighting for you and wanting you to do the same. Close one-on-one relationships flourish at this time, and you are feeling re-energized simply be just engaging in those relationships. Conversations are riveting, inspiring and motivating. This has a direct impact on your creativity and sense of expression, as Mars works well with the Sun. Mercury, Venus, Lilith and even Uranus are all in the same house as the Sun (the 5th House). So you are placing a lot of emphasis on your ability to make, create and just enjoy life. Maybe deciding where or how you can do this. You can take center stage a bit and allow yourself to shine more. Saturn, your ruler, is trying to dampen this by squaring from your 2nd House. Maybe the funds aren’t there to make things happen, but more than likely it seems self-confidence is lacking as well. Your worthiness isn’t tied to ownership, nor is your ability to create. Remember, you have those around you that want to support you. Friends, partners and loved ones come rushing in to see you succeed. Lean into your network and community. Stop resisting the help.


Your efforts are never in vain, and this Full Moon reminds you of that. Your hard work and reputation proceed you, and people are noticing you. Your 10th House is being highlighted, and your mind is on your life direction. With all of the Aquarius energy of 2021, it is no surprise that you have been restructuring your life. Now, you can find a path that works for you. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this may take time. Luckily, you are ambitious enough to make it happen. You are reaching a pinnacle in your career, work and sense of being. You want to try new things, but there are fears around change that you must confront first. Your work speaks for itself. In some ways, that is all you need. This is your chance to put yourself out there. Mars is working with this Full Moon from your 6th House. So, there are changes happening in your everyday life and your daily routines — possibly even with your health habits! Mars is a friend right now, so it will push you to do the work and research in your quest for purpose and participating in the right career. If you are self-employed, this Full Moon will be very helpful. If you work for others, go after that promotion. The caveat is that there will be more responsibility there. But if the work is worth the reward, then why not? Mars is also helpful to the Sun in your 4th House. So, a job-related move is likely or even just a move in general. Mercury, Venus, Lilith and Uranus are in your 4th House, too. Home and family is important. You may be reconnecting with them after sometime or trying to just do work around the house. Saturn is limiting and restricting this energy though from your 1st House. Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. Don’t let self-imposed limitations stop you from doing what you want to do or going where you want to go. Yes it is true that you have to have security, but when does that need for security hold you back? Use this Full Moon to make strides in your career and release self-doubt as you find your niche and place in this world.


There is no limit to where you can go. We often realize that in life, things can change at the drop of a hat, and your gift is always in your ability to adapt. This Full Moon shines in your 9th House, telling you that now is a time to keep focus and your eye on the prize. It is important to have goals and not let them die. With the lunation in Scorpio, if we have deeply rooted fears revolved around risk-taking, then now is time to confront those. We may not believe that we know enough to try or do what we want in life, but knowledge is gained through experience — not always a certification or diploma. You have all the tools you need. We can journey beyond the here and now and put ourselves into the future, knowing full well that if we leap, we are supported. We can transform, transmute and change even simply by actively believing in ourselves. Mars, the leader of this lunation, sits in your 5th House of creativity and joy. The truth is, when we do what we love, we are given the greatest gift of all — happiness. You know that you are in a very pivotal place where you are working on things that set your heart and soul on fire. Mars is in a fellow Water sign and reaching out to both the Moon and Sun. Our thoughts and ideas are brilliant, and we feel motivated to put action behind what we are thinking. Mercury, Venus, Lilith and Uranus are hanging out in the same house as the Sun, the 3rd House. So you words are important. They hold power. Mercury will ensure that you have an endless stream of inspiration and ideas coming to you. Your need to communicate is strong, and even more so, to teach with your 9th House activation. Now is not a time to keep things to yourself. Saturn is trying to limit you into sticking to a fear-based mentality. You are mistrusting your own intuition, which is harmful, as your intuition is your superpower. To lose faith in your greatest assets is to lose faith in yourself entirely. This Full Moon pushes you to keep that faith. You are supported just simply because you are here. It is time to take back your power and push past every barrier that stands in your way.

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