Scorpio ♏︎ Full Moon - Apr 2021

Full moon insights by Jupiter Jewel Astrology

London: 27th April, 4:30 am

Los Angeles: 26th April, 8:30 pm

New York City: 26th April, 11:30 pm

Sydney: 27th April, 1:30 pm

Every month, the Sun and Moon align in a perfect 180° opposition on either side of the Earth (and the astrological wheel) generating a Full Moon that illuminates the Cosmos. During a Full Moon, the Moon (representing our deep, intrinsic emotions) stands off with the Sun (representing our egoic expression) in a tug-of-war-like conflict. We often feel sensitive but prepared to let go of what no longer serves us under Full Moon’s; this is the high point and centre of the Lunar cycle where the Moon has reached its maximum luminosity and shines on everything that is hidden within us.

This month, the Moon will align at 7° Scorpio opposing the Sun at 7° Taurus. The 7th degree is a Venusian degree and a symbol of maintaining and restoring balance, and unity— we’re certainly going to need this inner balance with what’s in store for us!

The Full Moon in Scorpio will be far greater than the Full Moon’s that we’re used to seeing— it’s the first Supermoon of the Astrological year! Supermoons occur when the Moon reaches its closest proximity to the Earth in its elliptical orbit. Because of the Moon’s closeness, its light, size, and impact increases from anywhere between 10-15% greater than average.

A Scorpio Full Moon during the gentle and fertile season of Spring is quite the juxtaposition. Scorpio as an archetype carries deep, regenerative, and intense energy; it is the murky waters in the emotional depths of our psyche, and the manifestation of us going through the continuous up and down, death, and rebirth cycle of life. The Full Moon typically serves as a time to celebrate our endurance and hard work. However, this month we may be feeling emotional conflict, worry, and internal pressures that make it difficult for us to embrace our accomplishments.

The Sun in Taurus, opposing the Full Moon, will be joined by all the personal planets in a loose conjunction: Uranus, Venus, and Mercury. These planets are collectively applying their energies to the Full Moon, stirring unpredictable and rapidly changing thoughts and feelings within us. This conjunction will radiate affirmative energy. We’ll find ourselves taking greater comfort in emotional vulnerability and opening ourselves up to changing beliefs. Through this, we may seek to gain a greater understanding of our inner selves and our triggers. We’re being called to demonstrate greater courage, optimism, and assertion when following our intuition, and to break free from self-doubt, insecurities, and obsessive fears. This Scorpio Supermoon will act as a reminder that we often allow the turbulence of our inner world to dictate the conditions of our external world, and we project turmoil and anxiety that takes us away from the light and reality.

Malefic Saturn will be applying a hard square to the Full Moon (and Uranus, Venus, and Mercury) which is where the karmic difficulties and conflicting emotions will come to play under the Full Moon. Saturn will transit 12° Aquarius, stirring up feelings of lacking fulfilment and a reluctance to take on new responsibilities. When Saturn applies pressure to the Full Moon, he generates a compulsion to invalidate our own thoughts and feelings that we’d usually be certain of. No matter how much we seem to accomplish and overcome, it may still feel as though a lot is weighing on our shoulders, making it difficult to celebrate our wins. It’s through the acceptance of the rebirth cycle and the shadows of Scorpio’s energy that we’ll be able to find a sense of energetic release under this Full Moon.

Prepare for anxieties to arise wherever the Scorpio-Taurus axis resides in your birth chart. In these areas of your life, you’re being called to assert more emotional control to overcome the triggers of old and painful memories. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will feel the effects of this Full Moon to a greater magnitude.

Saturn and Uranus’ presence in the Astrological mix is here to test our emotional maturity through the dramatic changes in our thoughts, perceptions, and relationships with ourselves. Ready yourself for changes that are out of your control and challenge your perception of stability and reality. When you’re willing to embrace the natural highs and lows of life, you’ll find yourself quickly progressing towards evolutionary growth.

Remember that you have agency in how you choose to respond to life’s inevitable hurdles.

Embrace change and the flow of Scorpio’s watery terrain.

Choose love.