♓︎ New Moon in Pisces ♓︎

February 23 2020

Current Skies report by MJ Astrology - @mjastrology

Mars is already a very active planet in Capricorn (its exaltation) but it also makes various strong aspects in this New Moon chart — most importantly, the helpful/creative 60° sextile to the Sun/Moon conjunction.

Mars is in very close proximity to the South Node — a chance to weaken aggressive/oppressive themes in our life & give power to something new, indicated by Mars’ tight trine to Uranus, which at the same time, highlights our urge to make productive moves that not only indicate long-term personal success, but success that also can positively affect our sphere.

Our personal mission is strengthened, as this catalyst seems to rev our engines in a literal, physical sense.

At the same time, the karmic indications drawn from Mars’ facilitative relationship to the Nodal axis (destiny, personal power + opportunity) hint that we’re in a dynamic incubation phase. It’s time to prepare for some heavy rewards in our not-so-distant future — should we choose to take advantage of the opportunities available to us now

Jupiter’s tight sextile to Neptune (Pisces’ ruler!) activates another level of abundance & creativity that no doubt empowers our imagination & foreshadows a type of magical ‘luck’ that’s hard to pass up. Pallas Athene (the asteroid depicted in mythology as Jupiter’s daughter) ironically conjuncts Jupiter, which means it also connects to Neptune. Along with cognitive prowess & creativity, Pallas indicates personal dynamism & conviction.

In a change of pace, Venus’ cardinal square to Jupiter emboldens our mission to seek pleasure. This being one of the closest aspects (within minutes of exactitude)

What can we gain from Jupiter’s restless, acquisitive nature, as it seems to only feed Venus’ intensity (in its detriment in Aries)? Will we allow our haste & opportunism to block gifts we’re in line to receive? Or will we use our intuition & higher mind to guide us to the riches that await us on the other side of patience, dedication & healthy self-importance?

Sun + Moon / Pisces

sextile Mars / Capricorn

conjunct Mercury Rx / Pisces

sextile Uranus / Taurus

trine North Node / Cancer + sextile Mars + South Node / Capricorn

semi-sextile Lilith + Chiron / Aries

Jupiter + Pallas + Venus / Capricorn

square Venus / Aries

sextile Neptune / Pisces

Mars / Capricorn

sextile Sun + Moon / Pisces

trine Uranus / Taurus

conjunct South Node / Capricorn + opposite North Node / Cancer

square Lilith + Chiron / Aries




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