Libra ♎︎ Full Moon - Mar 2021

Full Moon at 08° Libra:

Mar 28 – 11:48 AM (LA) 2:48 PM (NYC) 7:48 PM (LON) / Mar 29 – 5:48 AM (SYD) 7:48 AM (NZ)

Every Month, the Sun and the Moon find themselves 180 degrees away from each other (exactly on opposite zodiac poles) creating a Full Moon. The Sun is in Aries from March 20 to April 18 this year, therefore, this Full Moon falls in Libra (Aries' opposite pole).

Under the Full Moon's light we can see with more clarity. Suddenly, we are not only aware of the good (what we are used to see) in us, but also the not so good in us, in those around us, and in our circumstances. Full Moons represent peaks, fulfillment, and conclusions, they show us with clarity what periods, cycles, and relationships are bound to end, they show us who we need to release and let go of our lives. Full Moons shed light on the dysfunction, shadow, or immature expression of the sign they happen in. This Full Moon is in Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac and the first to deal with issues regarding others and not just the self. Libra's biggest illusion is that relationships are about the other person. This Full Moon will have you question your place in your different partnerships and relationships. It's time to clean the house (the Seventh House – ruled by Libra) and make room for new soulmates to enter. What relationships are draining you? Which are you neglecting? What friendships motivate and inspire you? Which delay, sabotage, or negatively-influence you? How do you improve your friends', partners', and associates' lives? How do they improve yours? Libra teaches us that we are all mirrors: we are them and they are us. You are me and I am you.

Work with this Full Moon:

The Scales:

Libra, Latin for 'scales', represents the balance within our minds and our two brain sides, the balance between our Ying and Yang polarities, the balance in our relationships and everything in our lives. Libra's theme is the concept of relationship, what lies beyond the Self.

The Natal Chart is divided into twelve Houses: six below the horizon and six above it. Each of these Houses corresponds to and follows the sequence of the twelve zodiac signs. In the first six stages of human development (represented by the first six Houses and signs), we are concerned mainly with our personal growth and issues of the self. In the second phase of our development (signs and Houses seven-to-twelve), we address how to function in an expanded reality that includes much more than ourselves. We begin to learn about the dynamics of social and inter-personal interaction and partnerships. The Seventh House and Libra symbolize our first encounter above the horizon, our encounter with others. When there's a Full Moon in Libra, we can't hide and we don't want to! We want to be seen and acknowledged. Our attraction mechanism kicks in. We want to interact and connect with others.

Libra, like every other sign has two polarities – this Full Moon will amplify the lower-vibrational one, the shadow. Libra's shadow makes us behave in ways that are compromising or manipulative, to achieve the peace and harmony that we may desire. In the role of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Nice Person, our inner Libra naïvely expects others to be the same, and to accommodate to this superficially survival mode. Libra's shadow demonstrates that when we use niceness to get what we want, our communications can end up being manipulative, resulting in both artificial harmony and resentment. This Full Moon invites us to get rid of these limiting mental programs and conditionings.

Self and relationship issues abound while the Sun is in Aries. Aries energy gives us courage, makes us willing to take risks, and demands that we make our position known. We can get a lot done, and build relationships in the process, if we play by Libra ground rules of mutual benefit, win-win, gracefulness, thoughtfulness, and compassion. The Libra Full Moon focalizes our attention on revising and upgrading our relationships. Our challenge is to use the right combination of inner harmony and clear boundaries (Aries), and grace and neutrality (Libra) to find, and maintain, a heart-centered state of inner stability and peace in all our interactions.

Full Moon Practices:

I. Full Moon Meditation:

Moonlight exposure relieves anxiety and stress and helps your body relax by prompting the natural release of melatonin. Ayurveda holds that Moon-bathing (or moon-gazing) improves concentration, intuition, sleeping, fertility, and creativity. Imagine mixing her power during her peak with meditation.

Whether is on your yard, through your window, or in your car, make sure to be somewhere you can see the Moon's light. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable spot, and listen to my Full Moon Meditation for free, here.

II. Full Moon Harvest:

The Full phase of the Moon has been associated with harvest, celebration, and gratitude for millennia. Full Moons are your cue to cash in anything you began six months prior with a New Moon in the same sign. This is the ending, the peak, the culmination of the cycle that started with that New Moon. Go back to the October 16th New Moon in Libra. What were your goals, dreams, and intentions around then (six months ago)? What have you been able to manifest since? What worked? What have you learned? How have you improved, have have you grown? Acknowledge your progress and celebrate! Reward yourself with your favorite dessert, your favorite wine, film, an online shopping spree, a tarot reading with me, a long bath, or why not all of them? Give thanks to the Universe, your guides, and your ancestors for all the existing blessings, gifts, wisdom and experiences that are currently in your life. Give thanks for everything you have that you used to want. Recognize how abundant and lucky you are, baby! If you set new goals with the New Moon from two weeks ago, by now you may only be able to see small changes, but the power of gratitude combined with that of the Full Moon will supercharge your manifestation energy.

III. Purge Your Seventh House:

Libra rules your Seventh House, House of Relationships, Partnerships, and Legal Matters. Make an inventory of the energy that needs to be removed from this life area. Say Bye Felicia to anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who is bringing you down, not honoring their word, being passive-aggressive, not respecting your boundaries, you get the idea. Learn to say no, be assertive, and safeguard your spaces if you need to. This Full Moon is asking you to clean the House (specifically your Seventh House) before we move onto the next phase. Make room for new people, new energy, and new blessings, baby.

IV. Write, Burn, or Sage:

Easy, quick, and deeply liberating. In a piece of paper, write down anything (or anyone) that you are ready to let go, call it quits, surrender. Make a list of anything that's currently worrying you and that is/seems out of your control: surrender those fears! Sashay away! A list of any detrimental and toxic habits you are ready to change. A list of every toxic person who's due their time in your life. A list of limiting thoughts or beliefs you're constantly repeating in your mind. Buh-bye, Felicia!

My advice is to always burn or bury these lists: the way I see it... you are bringing something from your subconscious (the ether, the other side, Source) into your consciousness (your awareness, your mind, your Crown) and into the physical 3D. Then, we are destroying it, transforming it into ashes that fly away with air. Baby, how magical and powerful is that? Repeat "I surrender/I let go of/I set myself free from" affirmations as your paper burns and you literally visualize your fears, worries, and anxieties turn into ashes.

V. Recharge your Crystals:

Remember that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun (she is exactly in front of him – on the opposite pole). The Full Moon confers her sacred feminine energy to anything that receives her soft light. Every Full Moon, I lay my crystals on the window sill, bathing them in the Moon’s photons. This recharges them, and they energy rubs off on us. These crystals encourage us to tap into our inner strength, by surrendering to our fragility.

Full Moon Omens:

Check the sign of your Rising and Moon signs to find out what this Full Moon is bringing your way. To find your Moon, Rising, and other planets, generate your Natal Chart here.

Full Moon blessings to you, baby!

Only Ever Love,

Miguel Allma

from Project Cosmos




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