Leo ♌︎ Full Moon - Jan 2021

Full Moon at 09° Leo

Jan 28 – 11:16 AM (LA) 2:16 PM (NYC) 7:16 PM (LON)

Jan 29 – 6:16 AM (SYD)

Every Month, the Sun and the Moon find themselves 180 degrees away from each other (exactly on opposite zodiac poles) creating a Full Moon. The Sun is in Aquarius from January 19 to February 18, therefore, this Full Moon falls in Leo (Aquarius' opposite pole).

Full Moons illuminate the shadow side of the zodiac pairs. At this Full Moon, Aquarius confronts Leo’s delicate ego that insists on being the favorite, the best, and the primary center of attention. Fiery Leo is naturally playful, charming, and full of life. Leo loves an audience for which it can shine its light. Leo has a strong sense of pride, but its self-confidence can waver without external validation. Other’s opinions and approval matter to the extent that our inner Lion’s mood can depend upon external feedback. This is the work this Leo Full Moon requires us to do: we all need to take a deep look at our competitive need to be the winner, the first, or the best. In our aggressive win-lose culture, this program is imprinted deep in our psyche. We must get rid of this damaging programming. The ideal Aquarian culture (which we are currently working towards) supports everyone in developing their special skills and creative genius. Everyone wins when each person has a chance to shine, be fully expressed, and be fairly remunerated for what they offer to the community! In an equalitarian Aquarian community everyone is included and respected. Our inner Leos can believe in themselves and know that what we contribute is recognized, appreciated, and worthwhile. Our individual piece is not only needed, it is required. We find healing and resolution to our ‘need to be best’ conditioning when we step up and play our part.

The Leo Full Moon shines a light on our individual creativity. It is about how each one of us offers our gifts and makes a difference in the world. Aquarius represents humanity. Leo represents our individual humanness, our unique human flame. Aquarius is the social structure that gives us the freedom and the encouragement to be authentic and audacious in what we create. When society does not support its members and people feel helpless and used, the Leo/Aquarius balance has been lost. When social, economic, and educational institutions foster individual creativity, social discontent is greatly reduced. Instead our energy is used productively to continually reinvent ourselves and our world. Together Leo and Aquarius strive to establish natural harmony — Leo within ourselves, Aquarius with each other in community.

Part of our social conditioning includes the following erroneous and damaging ideas that we can be replaced, that someone else can do what we can do, and maybe someone else can do our job even better than us. These lies create a sense of powerlessness, a lack of self-worth, and resignation to just get by, but they are not the truth! When this negative conditioning controls our psyche, we live in mediocrity, our heart chakras remains closed, and we suffer a deep existential pain. There is no way we can be truly happy with a self-depreciating attitude, that feeds feelings of insignificance, instead of supporting our invaluable worth. Leo's wound is fear rejection, which causes the Lion to avoid being authentic - in order to escape any chance of being criticized or belittled. Our Leo path is to overcome this fear, and to delight in our authentic self-expression. The Lion demands from each of us:

  1. to shine our light,

  2. to be guided by our heart,

  3. to share love with passion, and

  4. to live from our truth.

You Are a Piece in the Collective Puzzle:

Aquarian energy offers Leo the perfect environment for self-expression - unity in diversity. In an Aquarian world, each person's uniqueness is not only honored and appreciated, it is necessary for the healing and highest expression of the whole. Think of an Aquarian world as the finished puzzle, that is put together with our all individual pieces. What if there is one piece missing? What if that piece is you and your contribution? Baby, we are in the process of putting together a new Aquarian Age world. There are many pieces missing in our planetary Aquarian puzzle. Hop to it and offer your piece! Doesn't even the thought make you feel good?! Joy is our reward for offering our special piece to the collective puzzle.

We are at a stage of human history where, individually and collectively, we are forging a new path. The way to monitor whether you are on the right path for you, is to be attentive to where you are at on the 'happy and at peace' vs. 'unhappy and struggle' meter.

Full Moon Harvest:

The Full phase of the Moon is associated with harvest, celebration, and gratitude. Full Moons are your cue to cash in anything you began six months prior with the New Moon in the same sign. Go back to the August 18th New Moon in Leo. What were your goals, dreams, and intentions six months ago? What worked? What have you been able to manifest? What have you learned since then? How have you improved? Acknowledge your progress and celebrate! Reward yourself with your favorite dessert, your favorite wine, a long bubbles bath. Or why not all of them? Give thanks to the Universe, your guides, and your ancestors for all the existing blessings, gifts, wisdom and experiences in your life. Make a list of all the things you have manifested so far: recognize how abundant and lucky you are, baby! If you set new goals with the New Moon from two weeks ago, you may only see small changes, but the power of gratitude combined with the Full Moon will supercharge your manifestation energy.