Intentional Ring Wearing?

Ever heard someone talk about how wearing rings on certain fingers has a specific meaning? Hands have a crucial rule in material and spiritual life, based on the different meanings and rules of hands and fingers, can you wear rings intentionally to stay more focused on your goals and gain the spiritual skills you want and need?

I encourage you to experiment the finger symbolism by wearing rings intentionally, especially if you're a little bit skeptical about the results. 


• With the right hand you give energy to the outside world. • Right is the hand of physical action • The Right hand is the yang essence

WORK ON THE RIGHT HAND TO:share specific qualities of the Universe • give qualities or skills to other people


• With the left hand, we receive energy. • It’s the hand of creativity and process • Left is the thinking hand • Left is the yin essence

WORK ON THE LEFT HAND TO:get specific qualities • have the perfect mindset to generate special qualities.

**If you have a dominant left hand, that's the giving hand for you. Then, the right hand is the hand of receiving.

Finger Symbolism


• Embodies Jupiter, the supreme God of the Romans.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on self-confidence, action, ambition, communication, and leadership.

• Crystals that boost index qualities: Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Peridot.

• Element: Water


• Embodies Saturn, also called “the balance wheel of the hand”, or “the balance wheel of our personalities”. Saturn is the symbol of good and evil, truth-seeking, obedience and rebellion.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on introspection and individuality. It also supports you to have a clearer vision about right and wrong. Wearing a ring on the left middle finger also creates a direct connection with the heart.

Crystals that boost middle qualities: Clear Quartz, Coral, Pearls.

• Element: Earth


• Embodies Apollo, the Roman god who represents the creativity in every aspect of life and the culture of Love and Beauty.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on leading us to grace, love, beauty, and compassion.

• Crystals that boost finger ring qualities: green jade, moonstone, rose quartz.

• Element: Fire


• Embodies Mercury, it represents the power of communication in any aspect of that, including intuitionand sensitivity.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on the artistic and creative character having qualities like eloquence and ability to persuade. It’s also signal about resourcefulness, especially in business.

Crystals that boost little finger qualities: Amber, Citrine, Moonstone, Aquamarine.

• Element: Air


• The thumb represents the characteristic of personal and universal will. It’s the only finger that is not named after a Roman god.

• Wearing rings at this finger focuses you on improving every kind of relationship including friendship, love, and business and change your attitude.

Crystals that boost thumb qualities: Rubin, Garnet, Diamond, Moonstone, Amethyst.

• Element: Ether




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