Full Moon in Leo ♌︎ February 9 2020


Under the Full Moon's light, our shadows are revealed in dramatic and intense ways, urging for release. We can see ourselves and those around us with more clarity. Because the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth at this point, they are also in opposite zodiac signs. This brings heightened tension as we fight to find balance between two extremes/poles. Emotions run high during this week, and it’s important not to get overly attached to anything, anyone or any way of thinking. The Sun is in Aquarius, for instance, this Full Moon falls in Leo, Aquarius’s opposite sign.

Full Moons are also times for completions, creative outpourings, and harvesting: this is your cue to cash in on anything you started at the corresponding new moon six months ago. This Full Moon is in Leo, so think the 2019 July/August New Moon in Leo: what were you trying to manifest back then? What have you been building toward? What were you wishing and praying for back then?

  • Check your House ruled by Leo. This is the area of your life that will be activated during the next few days. Conflict and chaos may be manifested here, inviting you to keep an open mind, receptiveness, and flexibility. The Moon is trying to show you where you need to do some extra work. Don't resist it.

  • This Full Moon is Trine Mars. Mars is the planet of action, war, and assertiveness, and the ruler of Aries. Both Leo and Aries are fire signs. This Moon will push you to follow your heart's desire above everything! It's Me, Myself & I this week. This is a great time for creativity, self-expression, setting-boundaries and getting recognition. Your ego wants to be nurtured. Ain't nothing wrong with that! Just make sure not to burn others with your newly-intensified fire!

  • The Moon is also Quincunx Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation, rebirth and the protector of the collective. This will be felt more intensely by fire-signs and people with strong Leo or Aries placements in their charts. That Trine Aries influence we talked above will be opposed by Pluto. Pluto couldn't care less about our individual needs, he cares about the collective and the natural rhythm of life and death to keep flowing. This will be a time to find a middle point between your personal desires and the ones of those around you.

  • Journaling Prompts: Where am I overpowering others? Where do I need to express myself more assertively? What boundaries do I need to set or solidify? Who are the people in my life who see me for who I really am?

Learn more about what this Full Moon means and how to use its energy, and a special Tarot Reading to see what this Full Moon will bring for each of the 12 signs.

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