Free Form Writing

Writing does not always have to be considered, thoughtful and deliberate

Free-form writing is a tool used to clear unconscious blocks, and as we release these unconscious inner disturbances we can experience amazing shifts: in breaking bad habits, in clearing obsessive behaviors, or in letting go of thoughts or feelings that we don’t want but seem to follow us around like bad smells.

Follow the process below to use freeform writing as a therapeutic exercise

1. Take 5-10 pieces of loose sheet paper (they must be loose sheets) and find a quiet, private place, it's recommended to burn a candle, this provides a great focal point to enter a relaxed state and sometimes as you write, emotional negativity will come up

and release into the room. Since it tends to go toward flame, this may keep the room clear and the negativity away from you.

It is important that you do not do free-form writing on a computer as it is a kinesthetic activity: the neural impulses from the fingers are sent back to the brain so that the writing actually releases and records the patterns of the unconscious.

2. Allow a thought into your mind and transfer it into the pen. Just write.

This is a process of writing whatever flows to you, without editing, thinking about it, analyzing it or doing anything with it.

If you can’t think of anything, write ‘I can’t think of anything to write’.

If you’re feeling frustrated write ‘this is so frustrating, I don’t know why I’m doing this’.

You may not even finish a sentence before the next thought comes up, or perhaps what comes up doesn’t make sense, that’s ok, just write it - and keep writing until the time you have decided to stop. Be aware that you are not giving yourself over to anything in this process because you are in absolute control of what is happening.

3. When you’re finished DO NOT READ what you have written! You must not keep this writing - this is very important, you must burn the paper, doing this is part of the releasing process, if you are to re-read this writing the energy and negativity that you released onto the paper can return to you if you.

If you would like - when you finish your session, rewrite the sections you want to keep in a special book. Then you can rip up and burn all the original pages.

4. Once you’ve finished make sure you move or stretch a little bit, and drink some water.




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