Capricorn ♑︎ New Moon - Jan 2021

Jan 12 – 9:00 PM (LA)

Jan 13 – 00:00 AM (NYC) 05:00 AM (LON) 4:00 PM (SYD)

Hello, baby! Welcome to a New Year, a new Month, and a new journey with us!

In Astrology, when two celestial bodies meet at the same point in the sky, it is known as a Conjunction. When the Sun conjuncts the Moon, it creates a New Moon. The Sun is in Capricorn (from Dec 21st to Jan 19th) and the Moon will meet him at 23° Capricorn on January 13th (exact time above), creating a New Moon in this sign. I want you to make the most of it: it's the first one of the year, after all!

Represented by the mountain goat, Capricorn moves through life achieving success slowly but surely, mirroring the goat who climbs and conquers peaks in similar fashion. Ain't no goal big enough, ain’t no mountain high enough for you with Capri by your side, baby! This New Moon is your cosmic invitation to get things done. It's time to take a closer look at your sense of ambition, structure, and discipline. No excuses, no interruptions, no delays! The Mountain Goat wants us to get our business in order for the glorious year ahead of us. It’s still the first weeks and some of us are getting adjusted: this is a time for plans, strategies, budgets, accountability, constructive feedback, and good ole hard work. I love that we change calendars during Capricorn Season. Ruled by Saturn, the lord of time, Capricorn's energy fits us perfectly!

Look at your efforts, achievements, goals, victories, and loses from the past 12 months. Look at them objectively: like Capricorn, detach yourself from emotions, and approach situations with rationality and practicality. Look back to learn and analyze, not to mourn. Don't stay on the "WHAT didn't work", but focus on "HOW can I make it work NOW? How can I keep climbing uphill?

Work with your X House

Capricorn rules the 10th House, home of the Midheaven. In astrology, the Midheaven is used to track our professional paths and public lives. So this is an excellent time to take a look at our careers and our plans currently in motion. What are your professional short, mid and long-term goals? Where and how are you investing your energy? What efforts are starting to pay off? What ideas and strategies are no longer working? What is wasting your resources? What is no longer in your best interest? Capricorn is pragmatic, objective, and anchored in reality: echo this energy when assessing your own work and career. Money actually does grow on trees, but your valuable time doesn't!

Apothecary – Elm (Ulmus procera): Essential Oil

Capricorn is the sign of getting things done! So while I'm all for, well, getting things done... I'm aware that we might find ourselves a little overworked during these weeks. Elm is for those who have been going, going, and going, focused on getting things done to the point of exhaustion. We've all been there! I mean, 2020 anyone? Elm helps us realize that we are responsible for our own wellbeing, as well. There is no point in working ourselves to the point of a nervous and physical breakdown. Elm essence helps us slow-down and restore the spirits. It teaches us how to shift our sense of self- worth from being based solely on our ability to complete our perceived responsibilities to understanding that we don't have to prove ourselves worthy - we already are and always will be. What a sweetheart!

Crystology - Emerald

Emeralds are fabulous for abundance and success. They're perfect for setting new goals for a brand new year! During your New Moon practice, hold an Emerald close to your Solar Plexus Chakra (belly-button) to enhance your manifestation. Visualize a green, powerful light upon you. See it entering through your crown (head) and filling every part of your being while you repeat positive mantras of prosperity, expansion, and fertility. Emeralds are also great allies of romance. Ruled by Mercury, they facilitate communication and harmony in relationships. Hold close to your Throat or Heart Chakras when visualizing a new romantic partner entering your life this new year, or you and current bae re-falling in love in 2021!

Capricorn Babes:

If your Sun, Moon, or Rising are in Capricorn, you're a Capricorn babe and a Sun of Saturn! Capricorns (you!) are hard-working, independent, practical, reliable, persevering, and rocklike spirits! Capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal y'all have set for themselves. Y'all tend to be serious-looking. Still, in reality, y'all freaky, loyal and adorable pervs with a beautifully dark sense of humor and unmatched loyalty, typical of Earth signs. You're a big-time nurturer and provider, if one wins your affection (and respect). You are a creator, a pioneer, and magician. Resourceful and reliable, Capricorns set high standards for yourselves and others, and will excel in almost any profession you undertake. With firm stick-to-it-ness, Capricorns quickly become the backbone of any company y'all work for. Ambitious and reserved, you have ideals, and are looking for perfection in everything. Where in your life are you trying to achieve perfection? Where does your sense of self-worth come from? What are you really trying to reach, what are you really trying to buy?

Aspects to this Lunation

Su. 12 Jan Moon Square Uranus

Su. 12 Jan Moon Trine Mars

Tu. 14 Jan Moon Opposition Venus

Tu. 14 Jan Moon → Virgo

Tu. 14 Jan Moon Trine Uranus

Tu. 14 Jan Moon Square Mars

Tu. 14 Jan Moon Trine Jupiter