Aries ♈︎ New Moon - Apr 2021

Insights + overview written by Oath Oracle

.:. Creative Life Force Energy .:.

April 11 @ 7:32pm PDT / 10:32pm EDT

Ohhhh Aries New Moon… One of the most potent manifestation portals of the year, each and every year.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and when the Sun enters Aries we are initiated into a new Astrological year.

When the Moon meets the Sun in Aries, magic unfolds as archetypal masculine & feminine energies of creation come into union.

Aries is the Sacred Warrior. The divine masculine. The initiator. The ram. The first spark of new life. The first blossom of spring.

The New Moon is a time of infinite possibility. It is the mystery of the cosmic womb. The regenerative darkness of creation itself.

Each month when the Moon is new we are supported by Spirit to plant seeds of intention into the depths of this mystery.

Then every moment afterwards our seeds of intention are nourished by solar energy, as the Moon grows until completely full.

So the Moon is feminine, a cosmic womb of creation.

Aries is the spark of new life & divine masculine.

Together, their union creates miracles.

This is about more than just calling in what we desire.

Aries season ignites our inner fire and inspires us to take bold, inspired action to bring these desires into reality.

This is not a time to limit ourselves with what we perceive to be possible for us.

It’s a time to dream audaciously. To call in BOLD desires. What truly lights us up on a Soul level. What ignites our passions.

Aries is the sign of SELF.

With Moon, Chiron, Venus, Mercury & the Sun all in Aries, we are learning vital lessons about desires & boundaries, and learning to balance archetypal masculine & feminine energies within ourselves and the collective.

This is a time to move forward and choose to courageously follow our individual path to fulfillment.

As the first New Moon of this Astrological year, this is CLEAN SLATE energy.

Consider all that the previous 12 months held.

We collectively experienced loss, grief, uncertainty, fear… as well as breakthrough, courage, inspiration, transformation.

𓁼 Elections, fake news, media manipulation.

𓁼 We locked down, we lost people, we lost jobs, we may have felt lost ourselves.

𓁼 The racial justice revolution reached new levels of both outrage and impact.

𓁼 Coming together in community & mutual aid expanded to new levels.

𓁼 We also had the Great Conjunction at 0° Aquarius heralding a new era of innovation & equality.

What did we learn through this? About ourselves? About the collective? About this Earth? About the potential of humanity?

What did we learn about what truly matters to us?

This New Moon is an opportunity to manifest from a space of DEEP WISDOM based on all we have journeyed through.

Who did we become during this time? And what do we desire to create now?

We influence our future outcomes via our dominant thoughts, states and emotions.

This is a time to move forward. To stop manifesting the past again and again. To begin a brave new cycle of fulfilment and passion.

Drop in to your body and invoke your highest expression of Self.

The version of you that has what you desire, that lives how you wish to live, that is fully expressed in every way.

What are their dominant thoughts, states and emotions?

And how can you embody this NOW in every cell of your being?

PRO TIP ::: Think ahead to October 20, 2021, the day of the corresponding Full Moon in Aries. Where do you desire to be at this time? What would you love to be surrounded by and experiencing?


Date a lined piece of paper in your notebook for October 20, 2021. Get grounded in your body, take a few deep breaths. Then grab your pen and write out your ideal day from waking to sleeping, in the past tense. Write out all that you desire to feel, what you see around you, what you experience, who you may be with, your work, your home, etc. Describe things in as much detail as possible with a special focus on how it FEELS. Then when you are complete, take some time to read it, feel it and breathe it into your body.

Much love,

Ayesha the Oath Oracle




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