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PLANET: Neptune




Contemplation - Information - Reflection - Idealistic - Passionate - Co-operation

As people, Dawns often represent young, energetic people who are at the very beginning developmental stages of their personal journey. Their sense of self is still being considered but they approach new challenges with enthusiasm. 

As events, Dawns are often seen as messengers and come to you with a new opportunity or an invitation, appearing when you are on the cusp of:

a new idea (Wands)

a new feeling (Cups)

a new way of thinking (Swords)

or a new job or career pursuit (Rings).

They symbolise a new stage in life.

One of the most important meanings within the Dawn of Cups is that you should be open to new ideas, especially ones that stem from intuitive inspiration. Although you may not expect this intuitive insight you should embrace it! It could lead you to adventure and open many doors. If it is a calling of a creative nature, for example, music or the arts, this card is especially encouraging.

There is another spect to this card which is this - if and when you need help of any kind, it is available for the asking. The lesson is one to do with the actual asking. Learn to accept the help and assistance gracefully and gratefully, as in this you are giving your ‘helper’ the gift of giving.


Deception - Artifice - Distractions - Attachment - Over-sensitive to Criticism

The Reversed Dawn of Cups can indicate that the imagination is being stifled resulting in loss of opportunity, or a stagnation that opportunity evades! 

Outwardly appearing to be on top of everything, but harbouring insecurity and uncertainty about yourself within is never going to prove beneficial - misleading others will not make them favour you in the long run. 


Another depiction here is that certain talents and skills are under-utilized, and good opportunities for self-improvement may be missed or ignored due to lack of focus, or focus on things which do not matter.