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PLANET: venus


PREDICTION SPEED: Long to Very Long Term

YES/NO: yes nor no


Equality - Justice - Clarity - Truth - Equilibrium

Harsh but fair, this card speaks of cosmic justice as well as human justice. If you have been fair and kind or you if you have been unfair and immoral - every action has a reaction - and everyone gets what they deserve in the end. 

Justice is a favorable omen if you are involved in any legal matters currently.

In neutral cases - this card may be indicating that you simply need to find more balance in your life, or you have choices to weigh up and decide upon.

It may signify that circumstances may arise which could throw you off course. These circumstances may or may not be beyond your control or of your own doing. As these events unfold - you must make every effort to remain calm and balanced. 


Repercussions - Law - Injustice - Unfairness - Bias

Justice reversed can indicate injustice or avoidance of karmic lessons.

This may take the form of being treated unfairly whether this is by your own choices or you are being affected by the choices or actions of others, it may feel like you are being blamed or victimized by others. However the situation has manifested, you must try to maintain equilibrium. Your reaction to a situation can often determine the outcome, and that is a lesson in itself!

You may experience these karmic lessons in a negative way if your behavior in the recent past has been unlawful or immoral towards others - the repercussions however severe are completely essential to the personal growth you must accept.