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CRYSTALS: Cats Eye - Topaz

PREDICTION SPEED: Fast, with lasting effect



Inner Balance – Control – Patience – Success – Endurance - Grace

Fortitude is the card of inner peace and quiet victory - knowledge brings peace of mind…and graciousness mixed with strength is very becoming, this card usually tells that you will be resourceful enough to get what exactly what you want.

The obvious message here is that understanding the lion is taming the lion…Self-discovery is a spiritual adventure, we become vulnerable when we allow others to take advantage of us, and in the struggle to protect ourselves we can easily become aggressive and evasive - you must bring the higher and lower consciousness into balance, knowing that you are always able to control yourself, which in turn negates the need to control others.

‘Strength is not a force with which to exert power over others, but a force to stop others exerting power over you.’



Imbalance – Manipulation – Abuse of Power – Weakness – Lack of Willpower

This card may also tell of a distinct lack of self-belief…remember that where focus goes, energy flows…if you continuously doubt yourself or lose your resolve and believe (even quietly in the back of your mind) that proceedings will end in a way that is unsatisfactory or not as you envisioned, the universe has no choice but to align with these thoughts – they WILL play out exactly as you imagine them. You have to remove this negativity from your mind in order to avoid problems and delays in the future…you are only powerless if you lead yourself to believe you are, you must hold your focus and remain courageous!

As much as courage is required of you now, awareness around becoming overbearing or abusive of your power is essential – the disharmony this creates will leave those around you feeling resentful or bitter.