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PLANETS: Mars - Pluto

CRYSTAL: Black Tourmaline

PREDICTION SPEED: Sudden changes with long term effects



Profound change - Destruction and renewal - New situations - Transitions - Revolution.

Metamorphosis is indicative of change in your future. This change can be in almost any aspect of your life, but it will almost certainly be permanent, significant, and absolute. Metamorphosis suggests a complete severance between the past and the future, and it will likely be painful. Despite the sense of loss that may accompany it, Metamorphosis fills an important and natural role in life, and leads eventually to acceptance. It is a necessary part of moving forward, and you will find the changes easiest if you embrace them, rather than fight them. Expect the end of a close friendship, a job, a marriage, or even a life, but do not focus too greatly on the negative.


Disaster - Upheaval and temporary stagnation - Inertia - Indecision - Destruction

Appearing reversed, Metamorphosis may indicate a lack of motivation at this time, you may be constantly looking for courses of action that require little effort. It implies that you should try to find enthusiasm for life or the destructive nature of this behaviour will take its toll.

Maybe you're being held back by the fear of what may be lost, therefore this is not a good time for change, instead, the time is best spent in planning and forethought as fears and negative emotions always create delays in moving forward.