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STARSIGN/S: Aries - Leo - Sagittarius

PLANETS: Mercury - Mars

YES/NO: Yes!


Excitement - Enthusiasm - Ambition - Personal growth - Energy

Enterprise - Starting anew - Healing - Completion - Balance

The Ace of Wands represents singularity or the unity of several components and represents the beginning of enterprise and distinction.

Drawing this card strongly suggests a new business enterprise being undertaken, and focuses on the characteristics you will need to succeed in these new conditions. You will need to harness your potential for innovation, enthusiasm, and ambition to bring about a successful outcome.

Aces are portals between the realms of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. They allow powerful, but impersonal forces to come into your life. An Ace is always interpreted as beneficial, positive and life-enhancing...Considering this information - try to open your mind to alternative solutions for old problems or situations and the Ace may provide you with the new beginnings you desire.


You are asked to remain alert to positive offers in any form of communication. The Ace of Wands is a message to accept all offered invitations and to look out for a letter, email, or telephone call which heralds wonderful news. Accept any invitations offered, whether social or work related.  Remember, opportunity can come form any source.


Weakness - Frustration - Blind optimism - Temporary delays - Unfinished enterprises

If things are not going according to plan, The Ace of Wands reversed may be indicating that not enough effort, initiative or will is being excreted. It implies that you are taking too much time, or are taking on too much with insufficient time and/or resources to accomplish everything to which you have committed yourself. Re-assess the situation.

Can also suggest a misdirection of energies and there may be feelings of frustration, apathy and weakness. However, this can be turned around with personal effort, self-discipline and organization.