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YES/NO: Yes card for any type of question.


Attainment - Bright Prospects - Contentment - Success in Business

As all Aces in the deck - The Ace of Rings is likely to see you enjoying or very close to enjoying a new beginning of some kind, unfettered by whatever problems or complications may occur if matters are not handled well. Consider this card a message from the universe that luck is on your side for the time being; in most types of readings it is a positive omen. 

You are likely to be feeling optimistic, upbeat, and hopeful about your future, feeling an upsurge of energy which is directed towards material gain. The Ace of Rings is connected with great drive and enthusiasm, and the Rings represent material aspects. 



Financial Disappointment - Delayed payments - Fatigue - Adverse health

When Ace of Rings appears reversed, it can mean that you are about to face hard financial times as well as a lot of elusive opportunities. At this time, you are being advised against taking large financial risks and to make choices financially only after thorough consideration. 

Another possibile reading is this - you are too concerned about money. Yes, we all need to pay attention to our finances, but to be overly worried can steal our capacity for happiness in the present moment. Count your blessings. Do what you can, and leave the rest to the universe.