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PLANET: Mercury


YES/NO: Likely Yes


Alert - Intellectual development - Over-seeing - Vigilance - Tact - Diplomacy

As people, Dawns often represent young, energetic people who are at the very beginning developmental stages of their personal journey. Their sense of self is still being considered but they approach new challenges with enthusiasm. 

As events, Dawns are often seen as messengers and come to you with a new opportunity or an invitation, appearing when you are on the cusp of:

a new idea (Wands)

a new feeling (Cups)

a new way of thinking (Swords)

or a new job or career pursuit (Rings).

They symbolise a new stage in life.

Your personality may trend towards the stubborn and opinionated, if the Dawn represents you in the spread, but it is also indicative of strong analytical skills and an energetic nature. You have a predilection towards identifying the core of issues and accurately assessing your own stance on them. This will allow you to become an excellent negotiator. If the card refer to a situation, instead, prepare yourself to make many important decisions quickly. Trust in your reason and your judgement to navigate these difficulties.

When the Dawn of Swords appears in a reading it is an indication that positive and beneficial changes are on their way into your life. A happier cycle or period of time will come about.


Deception - Under-handed deeds - Deviousness - Callousness


You are asked to expect the unexpected when the Dawn of Swords appears reversed in a spread. Look further into a situation before passing judgement, as there are aspects that you first need to fully understand.

A sudden and/or unexpected change in circumstances may at first appear daunting or negative, but the reversed Dawn of Swords advises that these changes will eventually turn out to be of a beneficial nature.


The Dawn of Swords reversed may be an indication of spiteful gossip, backstabbing, mistruths being told and rumours being spread. The message is to remain detached and do not participate in this negative behaviour.