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PLANETS: Mercury - Mars



YES/NO: Likely Yes


Skill - Capacity - Good intentions - Self-defence - Adaptability

Any Spirit turning up in a Reading should be closely observed to determine if their energy is helping or hurting.  Action of some sort is usually required of you when a Spirit appears and does not represent a person. The particular action will be determined by the Governing Suit and Element of The Spirit involved.

The Spirit of Swords depicts an intelligent, responsible, courageous, loyal and trustworthy personality. This energy is of one who has great inner-strength and tenacity, and is always helpful and friendly. He is generally a courteous young man who has the right intentions. This person proves very capable in demanding, crisis and emergency situations and makes for a very strong ally. The Son of Swords is a very brave and courageous young man or woman who challenges injustices. This person makes for a reliable, staunch and true friend.

When we are thoroughly obsessed by a certain idea and strongly wish to manifest it, we are oftentimes so blinded by the actual desire for its fulfillment that we fail to note the difficulties which we may come across, or the actions and consequences that it could bring. The Son of Swords is a very powerful figure that is full of life as well as energy. This needs to be balanced with a proper and actual realization of compassion and responsibility.


Imprudence - Incapacity - Extravagance - Indiscretion - Disregard

The reversed Spirit of Swords suggests incredible impatience, impulsiveness along with a lot of energy which lacks any kind of direction, and this oftentimes results in them making rather rash decisions as well as pulling down other people with them. 

Their thoughts are oftentimes scattered throughout without any actual organization or logic. They are most likely disorganized and unprepared for the things that they actually want to achieve. The
Spirit of Swords reversal meaning indicates that you still have a lot of miles to walk in order to get the valuable life experience that you need in order to overcome adversities along the way. This is something to consider.