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Wisdom – Social Energy – Ability – Life Purpose – Inner-Strength

The Queen of Wands is the most ambitious female of the Court Cards. She is the type of woman who wants to climb the career ladder or run her own business.

This Queen is also known for taking pride in being a good friend and ally, as much as she knows how to take charge and direct a creative project – she also takes the feelings of others into consideration and treats everyone fairly.

Even with her keen interest in business affairs, she spends a lot of time grounding herself in nature, for this is the true essence of her balance – the freedom of nature balanced with the fulfillment of career.

You can apply yourself into this character or possibly someone with these qualities will enter your life – either way the energy is indicative of keen insight and wisdom which is readily passed on to others who are willing to absorb it.



Jealousy – False pride – Snobbery – Narrow-Mindedness

First of all, if you are seeing the Queen of Wands reversed, you may feel as though you are the only person who is competent around here! This needs to be met with compassion instead of utter disdain and impatience…you too at one point did not know what you now know – you must guide and learn with those who are farther away from your wisdom.

Also, wisdom is not to be used for your own advantage, if you want to avoid a guilty conscience and many karmic setbacks, refrain from manipulating those with lesser strength than yourself.

Be aware of others who you may come across with these traits, narrow-mindedness and domineering attitudes can be present here.