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STARSIGN/S: Sagittarius



Burdens · Challenges · Intense pressure · Oppression · Overcommitment

This card shows that you have already completed the circle of struggle. After spending too many resources and lots of energy looking for success, you have finally overcome the obstacles. Although it sounds marvellous and satisfying, the card depicts a lot of responsibilities on your side. You are now the sole problem solver in your circle of family and friends which could even propel you into another world of challenges. At this point, you are also flooded with responsibilities to maintain your success. The businesses that you have started are flourishing and keeping you on your toes. The main problem is that these issues could overwhelm you if you lose control, which requires you to make sure that you know how to prioritize and solve the relevant ones.


Difficulties - Exhaustion - Depression - Inefficiency

The 10 of Wands reversed implies that it is now obvious that too much responsibility, or a too heavy a schedule or lifestyle, is taking its toll in many ways. It is leading to tiredness, feelings of being over-burdened, and decrease in efficiency and lack of day to day enjoyment. It is time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize commitments and giving up some responsibilities.